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BeWelcome is run by volunteers – free of charge and open source. Volunteering for the project is a great opportunity for you to get to know enthusiastic people who really believe in promoting hospitality and respect for each other. Maybe now it is time for you and you want to give back something to the community? Working with fellow volunteers and learn from each other is a course of personal development also, and it’s fun, too!

For general questions not related to a certain team or if you are not sure, in which team you fit best, don’t hesitate to get in contact with corazondeviaje. She could help you to find the best match-up with one of our teams.


GitHub | Development Group
contact: shevek

Help us write the software that drives BeWelcome either by adding features or fixing bugs. The backend is based on PHP with a rewrite currently underway that makes use of Symfony (4.x) components using Doctrine as the database access tool. The frontend uses Twig templates and makes use of jQuery for dynamic content. The CSS framework is Bootstrap4. For more info please see GitHub. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with shevek for further questions.


group | alpha | beta | GitHub
contact: shevek

Who makes sure everything works smoothly? The testing team! Creative people wanted with a sense for details – no special technical knowledge required. This might be a good starting point for you to get involved in BeWelcome!

Keep the servers running

contact: freemind

If you are a GNU/Linux system administrator, know or want to learn some Ansible, Gitlab CI/CD tools and like to build servers without relying on external providers, you are welcome to join the sysadmin team.


Design group


If you are a graphic artist, webdesigner, specialist in user interface or user experience or you have the feeling that your creativity is needed – you are welcome to join the design team. The frontend uses Twig templates and makes use of jQuery for dynamic content. The CSS framework is Bootstrap4.


Join us
contact: gbenouville

The volunteers of the support team answer questions and try to help our members wherever possible. A great way to get to know the whole project! The support team offers a mentoring phase and experienced volunteers will guide you step by step into the volunteer work.

Join us


how to join | group
contact: corazondeviaje

The Translation Team wants to ease the access to our website for members and visitors, regardless of their English skills. Our goal is to translate the complete site to as many languages as possible, starting with the most spoken languages of our members. Want to see BeWelcome in your own language? Please give a hand to make it come true!

Communication and PR

contact: subaculture

Do you love to communicate with people and want to help promote the BeWelcome project wordwide? Do you have a great idea for a poster or a Public Relations campaign? Welcome to the communications team! If you have experience in doing Newsletters, Social Media, SEO, Branding and/or Media communication, you are welcome to join the communications team.

New Member BeWelcome

how to join | public group
contact: thorgal67

Every new member receives a personal greeting from one of our older members. They are the first friendly contact from BeWelcome and spread the community feeling! They help and orientate new members with using the website and its features.

Forum Moderation

how to apply
contact: mountx

The Forum Moderators try to keep the BeWelcome forum a welcoming place. From time to time, people spam the forum, call each other names or post stuff in the wrong group. The moderators are there to ensure that everyone can use the forum to find information and that discussions take place in a friendly and respectful manner. Details of how to apply for the team can be found here.

You prefer real life action?

local activities | create an activity
contact: your local group

Although we are very proud of the website with all its tools and features, real life meetings are what really matters. Become a Local Volunteer! Please contact wind, if you have questions or if you want to send email invitations for your local events.

Financing the organisation

contact: thorgal67

BeWelcome and BeVolunteer are solely financed through donations. We try to keep expenses as low as possible. However, some administrative and server costs occur and we appreciate your donation.

Join BeVolunteer

BeVolunteer website
contact: corazondeviaje

BeVolunteer is the organisation behind BeWelcome. All BeWelcome volunteers can join BeVolunteer. The members of BeVolunteer have a voice in the yearly General Assembly.