About BeWelcome

The people behind

BW volunteers – our main asset

Our website is great, the features helpful and fun. However, our main asset are the people involved in creating BeWelcome, making it a vivid and friendly community. As diverse their backgrounds might be, our volunteers have one thing in common: they are enthusiastic about the idea of connecting people; be it travellers with locals, ex-pats with their new environment or people sharing same interests.

At this page we want to introduce you to our volunteers so that you get an insight of who is running the community and why it can be enriching and a lot of fun to contribute to a community as culturally diverse as BeWelcome.

Volunteers interviewed – experience, motivation, goals

Most of the volunteers who run BeWelcome work silently behind the scene and hardly anybody knows them. We interviewed some of them to find out and learn what our volunteers experience and think, what convictions and goals they follow.

Read the interviews

Volunteers on the 1st unconference in Antwerp, January 2008 For more pictures, have a look at our collection on flickr.

Working together – crossing borders and cultures

You wonder how it is possible that people from all around the world productively work together on a project like BeWelcome? Here are some answers:

  • we meet in person as often as we can, be it private meetings, work conferences or the general assembly of BeVolunteer

  • we use English as our main work language

  • we communicate cheap and time independent via internet, for example chat, forum, email

  • we have a high proportion of experts and skilled people to support their teams

  • most of our volunteers are experienced in working for international projects and/or via internet

  • on an organisational and legal level BeVolunteer as registered non-profit organisation takes care of BeWelcome

You want to take part? Check our teams overview to find out where you fit in.
If you want to learn more about BeVolunteer check our extensive BeVolunteer wiki library for articles and official publications or read our community news to get an insight in the work and ongoing discussions.