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New Member Be Welcome Group

This wiki page informs on how the welcoming of new members is organized at BeWelcome. If you have any questions or suggestions, please start your discussion in the public NMBW Group or contact us directly.

Purpose of the NMBW team

The New Member BeWelcome Team (NMBW team) is a volunteering team of BeWelcome. Its purpose is to send a personal message to each new member, to support them, and make them feel welcome in our hospitality exchange community. The NMBW team has access to a moderated/private group and to tools for greeting new members and organize their tasks. The team members are called "Welcomers". The team's common language is English and its members speak many other languages, too.

Purpose of the groups

The purpose of the group New Member BeWelcome Group is to define requirements for welcoming, to provide suggestions for greeting texts of NMBW team members, and to support the NMBW team's work in general. Here all members of BeWelcome can share their opinion on how to welcome new joiners to our community. Therefor this group is public.

The purpose of the group New Member BeWelcome Team is to help the Welcomers to organize themselves and discuss the confidential part of their work. This group is moderated/private.

Becoming a Welcomer

In order to become a NMBW team member, please contact a NMBW team admin (check Who does what) and they will be your guide through the application process. Usually you'll start with sending a draft of a standard greeting text (via BW message, Etherpad page, or e-mail) and it will end with a democratic consensus of the team to have you with us. A team admin will then provide you with access to the moderated group of the NMBW team, where you will find your colleagues and all you need for welcoming. An admin will also be your mentor until you feel comfortabe with greeting new members independently.

In case your application was rejected, an administrator would inform you in detail. (If you didn't agree with this decision or if there were any other problems you could appeal to BeWelcome's Board of Directors.

General Application Requirements for NMBW Team members

  1. Accept the Volunteer Code of Conduct
  2. BeWelcome membership: at least 3 months
  3. You need a properly filled profile: some information about yourself and on how you're active with hospitality exchange. (E.g.: about your hosting, travelling and meeting experience.)
  4. Knowledge about the BW basics, i.e. how to find groups, search for a host, where to start volunteering and so on.
  5. In case there is a serious negative comment your application will be consulted with the Safety Team.
  6. A couple of forum posts and participation in discussions.
  7. A generally friendly nature! :-)

Recommendation for your start

  1. Please write everything in English (the team's internal communication language).
  2. Please write your BeWelcome username and first in your messages.
  3. Please attach your first version of a greeting text to your message in English (even if you will welcome only in another language.)
  4. Include (some of) the recommended information and links you can find below in your draft of the greeting text.
  5. Write your greeting text in a very friendly and welcoming manner. (After all, the purpose of it will be to welcome new members, to give an explanation on how BW works, and what it is all about when signing up here...)
  6. Exclude any mentioning of other hospitability networks in your greeting text. (Keep it friendly!!!)
  7. Join the public group New Member Be Welcome.
  8. Please add your first name (or the nickname you want to be adressed by others) in your profile and your greeting text's draft. We want new members to know who contacts them.

Guide to a good greeting message

To ensure a similar quality of all greeting texts, please include information, hints, advice, explanations and so on before submitting your application. The following content is recommended (though of course not all has to be included...).

  • General Introduction to explain why you are approaching this new member with your message.
  • A sentence about yourself to explain who you are so the new member will recognize that it is not a spam or system generated message.
  • Introduction to what makes BW special to explain shortly what is unique about our hospitality exchange community and how BW works.
  • Importance of filling out the profile: Many new members do not write anything in their profile at the beginning. It is important for our online community to gain trust and to know the person.
  • How to find groups to meet local BW members and/or connect with people sharing the same interests; possibly link to a local group.
  • Information how hospitality can be exchanged (as guest and as host): This is the main topic and a new member should understand how to use BW!
  • Information about our trust network options (comments, close friends...) to enable the new member to use our trust network tools correctly.
  • Other information of importance to get active and to highlight safety information right from the beginning.

List of useful hyperlinks (for greeting texts and for new members that visit this Wiki page)

General information about BeWelcome

Navigation in and use of BeWelcome


The team is a result of discussions in the forum and of the Bamberg UnConference. It was fine-tuned by a task force. If you are interested in the former wiki page, please visit NMBW Brainstorm. By the way: There also is a proposed automated welcoming message, and a related discussion thread here.