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Imagine arriving in a city like Paris or Mumbai and, instead of trying to find a taxi, there is somebody already waiting for you. Imagine that instead of going to eat at the place recommended by the guidebook, someone shows you their favourite restaurant. Imagine the experience staying as a personal guest of your new friend rather than sleeping in an impersonal hotel room. BeWelcome makes it possible.

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How is it organised?

Dreaming alone is not enough. That's why we have founded BeVolunteer, a non-profit organisation registered in Rennes, France. Through BeVolunteer's official statutes, we provide a basis for democratic decision making, financial transparency and information security so that we can protect our members and manage the project BeWelcome effectively.

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Board of Directors: public meeting on 21st July at 21:30 CEST

written by claudiaab - 2014/07/14 13:45

While many countries have summer holidays now, the BeVolunteer Board of Directors (BoD) have another public meeting on July 21st at 21:30 CEST on our IRC channel, please log in with your BeWelcome username.

We certainly want to get things done, so you are invited to read what we write, but only write yourself, when asked. You can already get an idea what the meeting will be about in our agenda in the wiki<...

MA thesis about Hospitality Exchange Networks

written by thorgal67 - 2014/07/10 09:41

Member Simontour has submitted his Master's thesis at the Uppsala University (Sweden) on the subject of Hospitality Exchange Networks. In particular he highlights the struggle between Commodification and Commons.

If you are interested in the way different networks approach the idea of "sharing", you will probably enjoy reading Simon Schöpf's 124-page analysis. A direct download can be found at

The thesis is published u...

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