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Imagine arriving in a city like Paris or Mumbai and, instead of trying to find a taxi, there is somebody already waiting for you. Imagine that instead of going to eat at the place recommended by the guidebook, someone shows you their favourite restaurant. Imagine the experience staying as a personal guest of your new friend rather than sleeping in an impersonal hotel room. BeWelcome makes it possible.

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We are constantly working on the improvement of BeWelcome. If you have a suggestion, please let us know.

How is it organised?

Dreaming alone is not enough. That's why we have founded BeVolunteer, a non-profit organisation registered in Rennes, France. Through BeVolunteer's official statutes, we provide a basis for democratic decision making, financial transparency and information security so that we can protect our members and manage the project BeWelcome effectively.

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Public BoD meeting tonight 21.30 CET

written by Railslide - 2014/04/13 21:21

As previously announced, tonight there will be the first BoD formal meeting. It will be a public one, so you are interested, you are welcome to follow the discussion in real time. Keep in mind, however, that in order to ensure an efficient workflow, you will be able to read the discussion in real time, but not actively participate to it (unless you are asked to).


Link to the chat:


Advance your search

written by shevek - 2014/04/02 22:31

Hi all,

it's been a while but finally a new release for the web site. Main addition are the advanced options for the new text based search which can now be found in the 'Find members' menu.

As the provider of the map tiles changed his policy for serving free tiles we had to switch to a different provider which now is Mapquest. The maps show a bit more terrain due to this switch.

Additionally some bugs were fixed and some suggestions (/suggestions/dev) were implemented. This includes the removal of the 'World'...

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