Help BeWelcome

BeWelcome is run by volunteers - free of charge and open source. Volunteering for the project is a great opportunity for you to get to know enthusiastic people who really believe in promoting hospitality and respect for each other. And it's fun, too!



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Help us to write the software for BeWelcome, fixing bugs or sending patches. For more info see BeWelcome-Rox Software Development



group | contact: OctoberTales or subaculture

If you are a graphic artist, web designer, specialist in web usability or you have the feeling that your creativity could be useful - feel free to join the BeWelcome design team!



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Who makes sure everything works smoothly? The testing team! Creative people wanted with a sense for details!

local volunteering

You prefer real life action?

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Although we are very proud of the website with all its tools and features, real life meetings are what really matters. Become a Local Volunteer!


Financing the organisation

BeWelcome and BeVolunteer are financed through keeping expenses as low as possible. Some administrative costs, however, occur and we are happy for your donation.

donate! | contact: wind


Join BeVolunteer

BeVolunteer is the organisation behind BeWelcome. As a volunteer on BeWelcome you can join BeVolunteer.

BeVolunteer website | contact: amnesiac84

new member bewelcome

New Member BeWelcome

how to join | public group | contact: Matchi1981

Every new member receives a personal message from one of our older members. They help new members become familiar with the website and its features and they function as a direct contact between the new member and BeWelcome, so that everyone can feel at home.



how to join | group | contact: pablobd

The Translation Team wants to offer a good service all over the world, regardless of the English skills of a potential member. That means that our goal is to translate all the text on the site - starting with the most important ones - into as many langauages as possible.


Suggestion Team

how to join | group | contact: amnesiac84

Our members have the best ideas for BeWelcome. That's why anyone can suggest their ideas to the public. A vote will decide if the idea is presented to the various teams to be implemented. You can help support this process by volunteering for the Suggestion Team.

communication and pr

Communication and PR

wiki | group | contact: thorgal67 or subaculture

You love to communicate with people and want to help promote the project to the public? You have a great idea for a poster or pr campaign? Welcome to the communications group!

forum moderation

Forum Moderation

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Keep the forum nice and clean. From time to time, people spam the forum, call each other names or post stuff in the wrong group. Help making the forum a friendly place where everyone can find the information they're looking for.