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Help us to reach 3410 € to cover our costs for 2013-2014!

Why donate?

We love what we do and would not accept any payment for it. Unfortunately, not everybody shares our motivation. Sometimes BeWelcome needs the help of other partners, like banks, our insurance company or domain registars.

As the community grows we also have more expenses in other areas, for example more server space to store our data and to make sure all those great features run smoothly.

That is why we make an annual budget in order to know how much we will spend on every subject, like technical expenses, administrative costs or promotional activities.

We might run different donation campaigns (approved at the yearly General Assembly) to fund specific projects. This could include promoting BW during local events. We always try to make sure that this promotion will be based on the grassroots principal and not a commercial activity.

Donating to BeVolunteer is not about making profit, it's just about paying the bills. Yet donating is only one way to support the project. You can also help by spreading the word, volunteering, and welcoming travellers in your home.

See here below under Transparency for more details on the current finances.

Tax refund

Your donation goes to BeVolunteer, a registrated non-profit organisation based in France. This means that, in France, you can get up to 60 per cent of tax refund on the amount of your donation. A tax refund is also possible in other EU member states - please contact your local fiscal authority to find out if this applies to your country too. Outside of the European Union a tax refund for donations to BeVolunteer is, unfortunately, not possible at the moment.

For a donation receipt, please send a message to our treasurer.


We believe in transparency. Our accounts are published once a year to be checked/agreed on by the General Assembly of BeVolunteer. During the year the Board of Directors - and the treasurer as the responsible delegate - take care of financial matters and are also your contact persons for related questions.

You can find more information about BeVolunteer's finances and accounts in the wiki library.

Donate via bank transfer

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Address: click here

Inside the European Union (Euro zone), there will be no transaction costs.

Donate via credit card or Paypal

methods of payment

First select your amount and click on the "Donate now!" button. You will then be redirected to the secured Paypal website. There, you can donate with your credit card or your Paypal account. At the end of the donation process on the Paypal website, please click on the link to come back to BeWelcome. This helps us to keep our donation statistics up to date.

Note that Paypal usually charges a minimum 3 percent fee and this can go up to 28 percent for donations of 1 Euro. So we prefer bank transfer (which is free for Euro accounts in the EU) over Paypal. If you don't have a Euro account it's preferable to donate a larger sum at once than several smaller sums.

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Donate Bitcoins bitcoin

You can now also donate Bitcoins to BeVolunteer. The money is directly converted into Euros and whenever 20 Euros are reached the sum will be transferred to our bank account. You can donate Bitcoins here (the order number can be left empty).

More questions?

Read the FAQs or contact us.