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Board of Directors

Please also visit the official BeVolunteer Board of Directors page to read more about the powers and tasks of the Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors (BoD) consisting of 3 people, who are elected for the period of one year.

Members and roles for the second half of the term 2013-2014


Giulia - Railslide

Giulia is our executive and spokesperson. She coordinates the BoD and represents BeVolunteer, the non-profit association running BeWelcome, in all acts of civil and administrative life, and in legal proceedings if necessary. The Executive Delegate represents the executive organ of the association (BoD), and so can not take a decision without the validation of the BoD. In case of temporary or permanent incapacity, the Executive delegate is replaced by the Secretary Delegate, who in this case holds the same powers, until the BoD names a new Executive Delegate.


Claudia - claudiaab

Claudia is our wordsmith. She writes our meeting minutes, documents BoD processes and decisions, and drafts the BoD correspondence. She informs the BeWelcome and BeVolunteer members as well as the interested public about the activities of the BoD and important developments in BeWelcome and BeVolunteer


See also: Finances

Johannes - wind

Johannes is crunching the numbers. Under the supervision of the Executive, he manages our assets, keeps track of all donations, pays our invoices, and keeps an account of all financial activities. He prepares financial reports and drafts an annual budget. He regularly reports to the whole BoD which verifies the management of the finances. When he is absent, he is replaced by a member of the BoD.

Tasks for the BoD 2013/14

see http://www.bevolunteer.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Tasks_BoD_2014_Status201403.pdf

Former BoD periods

Information about the former Boards of Directors can be found here:

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