Team tasks

The Safety Team takes care of members' safety.

Proactive safety work

  • We are advising travellers and hosts on how to best maintain their safety.
  • We are keeping an eye on whether new features actually improve members' safety or diminish it.

Reactive safety work

  • We are handling and investigating abuse reports.
  • We are contacting members involved in conflicts reported to the safety team.
  • We are offering help with writing negative comments after cases of abuse.
  • We are taking necessary steps to make sure that members behave according to BeWelcome's terms of use.
  • We are sending out information or official warnings to members in case they do not comply with the terms of use.
  • We are banning members from BeWelcome for severe, repeated, or blatant abuse.

Team members

The tasks of the Safety Team are very delicate and often difficult and the members who send out official warnings or ban members from BeWelcome will typically be prone to accusations and threats. We still believe that it is important for the BeWelcome community to know who is behind the Safety Team. In order to protect individual members of the Safety Team, messages will usually be signed with 'Safety Team' only, not the name of the person who actually sent it out. This also underlines the fact that most communication is being discussed within the team.

The current members of the Safety Team are (in alphabetical order):

  • claudiaab
  • duesseldorf
  • Fhina
  • polyglot
  • SafetyTeam
  • thorgal67


You may know members from meetings or online contact and find them trustworthy. However there may be serious abuse issues that the Safety Team knows of and thus comes to the decision to warn/ban them. It is a common reaction of the members involved to point out their innocence. Please keep in mind that the Safety Team cannot defend its actions by disclosing information about the abuse to third parties.