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We highly value transparency in BeVolunteer and BeWelcome.

From our Organisational values:

Trust and transparency condition each other. No trust without transparency, no transparency without trust. Transparency is a joy for the sincere, and the ruin for the malicious.

From the BeVolunteer concept:

Transparency is one of the main objectives of BeVolunteer. Trust and transparency are dependent on each other. No trust without transparency, no transparency without trust. That's why any BeVolunteer policy will be published, any "power" will be described, any decision documented and shared.
Caring about transparency not only prevents the organisation BeVolunteer from abuse of its own members but also is a way to make sure everybody involved is integrated into a process of constant evaluation, feedback and improvement.

Transparency and Privacy as a system of (conflicting) interests

Interests that we can support

  • People want information - to prepare decisions, or to be able to do things. Or just to keep up to date / educated / entertained / out of curiosity.
  • People want to present themselves as ...
  • People want to hide some personal stuff.
  • For this org / project, we want to keep people informed, but prevent misunderstandings.

Interests that we do NOT support

  • data mining activities
  • hacking (breaking security)
  • sneaky individuals with bad intentions (stalking)

Interests that we have to accept as a side effect

  • sneaky individuals with not-so-bad intentions (jealous ex-girlfriend, strict parents..)
  • journalists, who will report stuff in a newspaper (which content is ok to publish? which is not?)

Access levels in BeWelcome / BeVolunteer

A piece of content with restricted read (write) access can only be read (edited) by a person with access rights.

If something is said in a channel with limited access, then participants should be careful to publish this stuff outside - only with consent of the author at least. Otherwise, we get a damage of trust within the group (evtl related to privacy).

If a group in a restricted channel discusses stuff that is relevant to others, it has to take care that these others still get the information they need. Otherwise, we get a transparency problem, and a damage of trust with the outside world.

Even if a page is visible for the public, it can mean that it will never be found by anyone, or that people will not understand it. But at least, information from such pages can be carried to others without having to ask for consent.

BV/BW Volunteers

For our volunteer stuff we have the following levels of read/write access:

  • Board of Directors (BoD) only
  • members of the BV organization (including the BoD)
  • volunteers (anyone who is in a team, and including all bv members)
  • people in a specific team (for instance, the abuse team has forum channels that are not visible to others)
  • spontaneously formed groups of people (in group chats)
  • members of BeWelcome (this includes all of the above, afaik)
  • the public (pages that can be indexed by google, and read by everyone)

BeWelcome Members

For BeWelcome member content we have the following levels of read/write access:

  • this member only (personal notes)
  • two members (personal messages)
  • the member, and the Signup/Verification team (hidden address/verification details)
  • members of a BeWelcome group (discussions inside a group - not yet implemented)
  • a member and his friends. For instance, it would be interesting to show some contact details and some personal photos only to your friends. (neither friends nor this access right is implemented or planned yet)
  • a spontaneously formed group (for instance, people who meet in a chat - not yet implemented)
  • every member of BeWelcome (almost all of our content)
  • the public (public profiles and discussions)