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The following information will provide you with important links and give you a short overview of our hospitality exchange (hospex) network.

Imagine staying at the house of a friend you've never met, or having guests from the other side of the world. BeWelcome makes this possible, it connects travelers with hosts. By setting up a good profile, meeting people by being a good host or a good guest you will encounter many new experiences in your life.

After meeting with people, you can leave them a comment and provide more information about this person to the community. If you have doubts or questions about the safety of hospitality exchange, please have a look at our Safety page.

What makes BeWelcome different than other hospex-networks is that its core values are transparency and democracy. The website is built upon open source software, and the mother organization (BeVolunteer) is a non-profit organization, registered in France. All work done within or for BeWelcome is done by volunteers. The costs of the website and organization are paid entirely by donations of its members. Because of these values and constructions, BeWelcome will never be sold or turned into a for-profit organization.

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