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Who does what

BeWelcome.org admins

jeanyves, Railslide, thorgal67

BeVolunteer.org admins

amnesiac84, crumbking, girandoliere,

Server admins



Board of Directors

Board of Directors

BeVolunteer - Non Profit Association in France

BeVolunteer website:BeVolunteer and BeVolunteer group on BeWelcome website BeVolunteer members Group


Team coordinators

  • Communication: subaculture, thorgal67
  • Development: shevek
  • Forum moderators: no coordinator - team members see below
  • New Member BeWelcome: -
  • Redesign: amnesiac84
  • Safety: no coordinator - team members see below
  • Server admins: no coordinator - team members see above
  • Suggestions: position vacant - contact wind
  • Support: amnesiac84,
  • Testing: shevek
  • Translation: pauloaguia, sammiekong

Communication Team

amnesiac84, claudiaab, conrado888, duesseldorf, Nazmeya, OctoberTales, polyglot, sammiekong, shevek, slushbrain, subaculture, thorgal67, wind

Development Team

danieljames, shevek

Forum Moderation Team

Responsible for keeping the forum and groups in line with the Forum rules and regulations http://www.bewelcome.org/forums/rules - moderators: lososs, mountx, sammiekong, thorgal67, Frauenschuh

New Member BeWelcome Team (NMBW)

In alphabetical order: Aki_a, brandchrist, conrado888, ffred, Fhina, mandyzheng, Matchi1981 , sebra, thorgal67, thyfriend, tobyjum

Redesign Team

amnesiac84, Jesus82, OctoberTales, shevek, gerrit

Safety Team

The current members of the Safety Team are (in alphabetical order): claudiaab, duesseldorf, fhina, polyglot, thorgal67

Suggestion Team

no members - contact wind

Support Team

amnesiac84, (current coordinators) claudiaab, Fhina, Frauenschuh,girandoliere , Railslide,, thorgal67, agricultura1990

Testing Team

amnesiac84, beatnick, crumbking, leoalone, polyglot, sammiekong, shevek, thorgal67, Tsjoek

Translation Team

agricultura1990, amnesiac84, beatnick, conrado888, Damnlie, hamaryns, Ivers0n, kannemarie, maxH, pauloaguia, polyglot, sammiekong, thorgal67


Bug tracker and new features (GitHub)


DNS and mail management

Gitourious groups

Group administration


http://lists.bewelcome.org - admin: leoalone


Social media / micro blogging