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Travelling with family

Travelling with a family

Most people have travelled in hospitality exchange contexts on their own or as a couple before they had their own family. Then it can be a bit tricky to figure out, how to get about with a larger number of persons and especially with kids.

Here you can find a compilation of tips, safety issues and some legal points to keep in mind when travelling with children.

We also have regional sites with the same structure but also tips about playgrounds, child-friendly caf�s and restaurants and actvities per age group and also


public transport

  • Always check on the regional pages or the internet in general for family tickets and fares for kids.
  • Sometimes travelling with prams is difficult (e.g. Paris Metro system, you will have to use many stairs again and again...), sometimes you need to fold your pram getting into a bus or a train.

taking prams into busses / trams / trains etc.

  • consider using a wrap / sling or an ergonomic baby carrier (not face forward) instead

by car

Whenever you use a car with your kids you should remember to use car seats according to their age and the legal requirements of the country you travel in .

your own car

renting a car


by bike

baby seats / trailers to be rent


rental bikes


breast feeding in public

baby food

restaurants / caf�s with kids / babies

legal situation / cultural situation



fun parks


regional pages