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Suggestions for the agenda - General Assembly 2017

Suggested Topics


  • Selective/Top-down promotion of active Groups

Site Redesign Update

A BV/BW Spokesperson

Whilst there has generally been little enthusiasm for an Ambassador Program on BV, there is a need to put a human face to BW. We remain a faceless organization, with little personality. We need someone to represent BW core values - integrity, transparency, gift-giving etc. We should approach well known hospex (or just one) personalities to see if they would record a video for us, do interviews for us, or at least a testimonial. They would not be paid, would not have any official role. Maybe a two year commitment? Basically, the proposal is: Seek a Hospex Personality to Represent BW for the Coming Year subaculture - Mon, 14 Aug 17 16:18:45 +0200


A BW Roadshow/ Beactive

While the survey results show that respondents had met other BW members/had an experience, we need to engage the BW base and remind them why they joined in the first place. I think the French/Germany events did that - so that members can capture a moment, create an experience that people want to share, and change perceptions. Proposal: Should we seek to reactivate BeActive for another year, and raise 500 EURO in the next donation drive? subaculture

Volunteer Search - a coding Basecamp?

Rework the wiki structure

Re-think Wiki as Regional Tourist info

update the wiki software and find a way to implement the WikiVoyage's database. Vikivoyage it's just an example. This might be a way to increase BeWelcome attraction: a wiki where find regional information weekly update. Something that can attract new members and easy to use for all members. girandoliere

Election or confirmation of the ombudsperson

Make clear rules about acceptance and rejection on voting

Main issues:

  • if none of the options put to vote gets a majority of cast/possible votes, what happens?
  • if one option receives a majority of the cast votes, but not a majority of all possible votes, what happens?
  • if one option receives exactly half of all possible votes (and possibly a majority of cast votes), is the option 'rejected', 'accepted' or 'not accepted'?
  • in general, do we count all possible votes (where non-voters automatically are counted as no-voters) or do we only count cast votes?
  • amnesiac84

BeActive for 2017-2018

Last year the BoD helped 3 big BeWelcome event with the old formula of BeActive. The proposal is to set a budget (1000�) for the incoming year too for help events and promotional materials. girandoliere

Google for no profit

I'd like to read/lsiten a presentation of the program one year after the starts. How it works? Did it worked? Which ideas we can rise from the data ? girandoliere

Establish the function of Volunteer Recruiter

After the useful experience of past two years, i think that the "function" ( better than the role) of Recruiter is something that BeWelcome can't miss. Doens't matter if the Recruiter is on BoD or not ( might be a BoD member or a volunteer with a BoD mandate). So is function instead than a role. The proposal is to assign to someone (in or out the BoD) this function for 1 year. girandoliere

Clean-up of Retired BW members

We have quite a big number of "Retired" profiles which the owners hadn't logged in for a too long time and they cannot login anymore. But it seems the system keeps the data anyway, and the email addresses which used to register the "retired" accounts will not be accepted anymore. We should consider cleaning up the retired profiles, release the availability of the usernames and acceptance of the used email addresses. On the other hand, we should give clear information on how the system defines the different memberships somewhere e.g. after how long with no login a profile will be set as inactive profile or retired profile (ToU?). sammiekong

Rules & Regulations have been changed by the BoD

Approval or decline by the GA is needed. wind

Explore possibilities to keep the donated Bitcoins and not to exchange them to Euros

  • Is this legally possible for associations in France?
  • Are we allowed to hold 2 accounts, one in Euro, one in Bitcoin?
  • How would this influence the financial report? Do we have a balance of Bitcoins and a balance of Euro or do we calculate it together?
  • Explore possibilities to pay in Bitcoin, e.g. servers, domains, stickers.
  • Promote Bitcoin donations (so 1. Bitcoin, 2. bank transfer and only as last option 3. Paypal). wind
  • Accept other cryptocurrencies? amnesiac84 - Wed, 13 Sep 17 21:32:49 +0200

Facebook will allow French non profits to collect donations via Facebook. Would allow for targeted communication with 5000 by supporters on Facebook, but with 5 percent fee. https://donations.fb.com/ Utilise or not ~~~ subaculture

BW Survey

This year we had a very good survey with some clear objectives and expectations from our members. It would be a waste if we don't do anything with this information, especially if we want to have another survey next year and see an improvement.

So I would like to discuss the BW Survey at the GA.