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Documentation for BeWelcome forum

This Wiki doc explains a bit how the BeWelcome forum works.

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Basic features

Basically this forum allows you to :

  • Create new post
  • Reply to post
  • Subscribe to thread or to tags

Advanced features

The following features are available :

  • Ability to create version of a message in various languages (to increase its readability)
  • Dedicated forum for groups
  • Editable post
  • Include of pictures in posts
  • Expiration date for a thread (after this optional date nobody can post in the thread)
  • Specific visibility according to group membership
  • Subscription to a group forum
  • Privacy protection (you can decide that what you write in BW forum will only be visible for BW members, not for google)

Moderator features

This forum is moderated. All actions done by moderators are logged and members must be notified of them.

Moderators can :

  • Edit a post
  • Allow the author of a post to modify it
  • Change the tag for a post
  • Remove a post
  • Close a thread
  • Ban a member from posting