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Bo D Meeting 10 07 2016

Meeting started at: July 10th 2016 15.15 CET

Participants: amnesiac84, duesseldorf, girandoliere, sammiekong
guests: fhina, lossos, mountx from Moderation Team to add to discussion about groups and group moderation


Approval of last report

June Meeting unanimous approval

BeVolunteer members

Updates by BoD-members


summer newsletter: next steps: the task will be complete the part related to Translation Team


  • Google Adwords (2nd try)
  • Redesign
  • Started collecting and ordening the suggestions


  • OTRS ( clean up junk queue, answering some tickets)
  • Support Team: organize a team meeting.
  • Secretary Stuff (minutes, update of wikis)
  • Start Recruiting Campaign for next BoD
  • Cycling Bags: sent others bags.


  • looked for potential volunteers
  • tried to animate translator team
  • plan for next phase: **1/ clean up Translation Group to have a better view of active volunteers (there are 264 members in translation team and nearly the whole group is sleeping) **2/ updated "who does what" page for Translation team, and maintain it by reviewing every half year **3/ try to get Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian greeters for NMBW team as request

GA 2016-2017

  • Pick a location:amnesiac84 will announce in the public Forum the decision about GA.

Forum Moderation Team Proposal

After some a short introduction by the Forum Moderation Team and a discussion, the decision is that the team will prepare a detailled proposal for next BoD meeting

Update about some wiki pages

Asking the BoD mandate about some changes and proposal about:

  • Promotion: proposal to merge variuos page about promotion. Task: make a thread in the Communication Team's forum and start the work
  • Check what to do with Howto_Groups. We can wait the results of Community thread and the Mod's proposal. At the end of the process this wiki page can be used as guidelines, rules and all group's stuff

Etherpad and OwncloudAccess

girandoliere will contact NMBW and Communication TEam about the team's need and then check with SysAdmin for the access

Request by Project.Yoo

Close the ticket and proposal failed.

Request from Home Exchange

The BoD will ask the propositions anyway, just to see what those kind of platforms want from us.


postponed to next BoD Meeting

next public BoD Meeting

2016, August 19th

Private Meeting ended: 18.30 CET