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Being a good guest

General considerations

  • Try to appreciate the time, money and effort spent on your behalf
  • Gifts: gifts are not mandatory, since the idea behind BeWelcome is to stay at someone's place for free. However, something typical from your country, the offer of cooking a meal, or a nice picture of your hometown cost you nothing and rarely go amiss.
  • Money: You should be able to pay for your travel-related expenses, since the host cannot be expected to provide anything except a place to stay for the night. If your host provides you with meals, entertainment, or transportation, offer to share the expenses. If your host does not accept payment, pay her/him back in some other form like cooking a meal, doing the dishes, helping her/him with something, sharing skills, etc.
  • Try to be aware of cultural differences
  • Avoid asking unnecessary personal questions
  • If your host has children, do not be derogatory, impatient or dismissive toward them

Before arriving

  • Communicate clearly with your host about when you are going to arrive and leave.
  • Make sure you know how to reach your host's place or wherever you agreed to meet
  • Exchange alternative mean of contact (cellphone, email, etc.)
  • Be on time if you arranged a specific timeframe

During your stay

  • Schedule: adapt to your host's schedule and organize yours to have time to spend with her/him
  • Be tidy and use the least space possible: try to keep all your belongings in a single spot - that would also help you to find and not forget them when it's time to pack!
  • Plan to be self-sufficient for meals. Your host may invite you to share meals, but there's no obligation to do so. If that's the case, offer to help in some way: buying groceries for the meal, washing dishes, taking part in the preparation, etc. If your host's cooking is not to your liking, be diplomatic about it...
  • If you have specific dietary requirements, make sure to inform your host in advance (or even put them on your profile)
  • PC and telephone: Don't use your host's computer or telephone unless he/she gives you explicit permission. Offer to pay for all phone calls. Don't download anything onto their computer or make any changes to it. Ideally use a guest account to limit risks. Check to see if they prefer the computer logged off, shut-down, or left on when you finish using it.
  • Be social and communicative: do not ignore your hosts or other guests, do not whisper, and don't always speak a language your hosts don't understand.
  • Say thank you

When leaving

Clean up after yourself. Just clean up a little bit more than you think you made, since you will probably forget to clean up some other things.

After leaving

Leave a comment: hospitality communities work because members can trust each other. That's why it's important to leave a comment. If you have a bad experience, this is even more important, although it might be more difficult.

Just remember that other members depend on you leaving honest comments respecting the comment guidelines.