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Application to Be Volunteer membership

Note: This information could be outdated. Please visit our official BeVolunteer membership application page, too.

Hi there,

You like BeWelcome and want to get involved as a volunteer? Responsibility for you is not a burden but an opportunity? Then you are welcome to join BeVolunteer, the non-profit organisation which administrates BeWelcome. As a member of BeVolunteer you have a vote in all the points raised at the annually held general assembly (the legislative). You are also encouraged to present yourself as candidate for the board of directors (the executive) or vote for others to join the board.

Still not sure about how all that works? Write to bod@bevolunteer.org or post your questions in the forum.

In order for a person to become a member of BeVolunteer, the following guidelines will be considered. You should:

  • have been an active BeWelcome member for 3 months.
  • have been volunteering for BeWelcome for at least 3 months.
  • agree to grant to BeVolunteer a right forever to use the work done for BeVolunteer during the membership of BeVolunteer. This covers work done for BeVolunteer and any and all projects of Bevolunteer, such as BeWelcome.
  • write an adequate application for membership and send it to the BeVolunteer board.
  • Accept the Statutes and the Rules and regulations of the association.

The board will, upon receiving applications for membership, as per the Statutes, either approve it or reject it.

Please send your membership application to bod@bevolunteer.org Finally you should write a short text about why you want to join BeVolunteer, where you want to help, what you expect etc.

Your membership will be confirmed once all the conditions mentioned above are met and the current board confirms it is ok. You will get a welcome message and become a "friend member" (no voting right for the first 3 months to make sure you get to know the association before you push for changes etc.)

If you do not receive news after two weeks, contact us to ask what is going on (maybe we did not receive your application).

Download the application form