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Fianaranstoa: not so much to see (the old city is nice), but a starting point to go east (Parque National Ranomafana, Manakara (train), Manajari) and south (Amablavou, Parque National Andringitra, Parque National Isalo, Tuliara). You got everything you need here (big supermarket, ATMs, Hotels,...) and it is safe.

Other Destinations

Getting there

Getting around

Getting around by "taxi brousse" is very easy. Sometimes you find yourself squeezed with a lot of people, but there are some good overland companies (cooperatives) with a lot of space. (For example the cooperative "Mami" from Antanarivo to Fianaranstoa and back; 18.000Ar for one ride, most of the space you got behind the driver)

What to do


Eat and Drink


Depends very much on your budget. Cheap hotels start from about 10.000Ar. In touristy places this might be hard to find. From there you can climb up the scale. Normally you should find something around 20.000 and 25.000Ar everywhere. There are a lot of luxury hotels all over Madagascar.

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