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Welcome to Copenhagen. Be sure to check out our group and the Copenhagen Wiki

An official guide:

Culture People in Denmark can be quite reserved to others they do not know. Often it takes time to get to know someone here. But a smile and maybe some nice words about Copenhagen most people will appreciate.


An official guide:

Some good links to what is going on in Copenhagen:

Some of my favourites: Inner city: Raw 42- eating in Pilestraede.

Noerrebro: The Coffee Collective- (the best coffee in town), in Jaegersborgsgade. Tjili Pop- cafe in Rantzausgade. Props- cafe in Blaagaardsgade. Kaffesalonen- cafe at the lake. Kate´s Joint - eating in Blaagaardsgade. Cafe N - eating in Blaagaardsgade. Lot of cheap kebabs everywhere. The new foodmarket near Noerreport Station.

Vesterbro: B&J- in Istedgade. PH-cafeen- in Soender Boulevard. Granola - in Vaernedamsvej. Mood Food- eating in Istedgade. Cafe Sonja - eating in Saxogade (a social project, so it is cheap organic food). Koedbyen - in Soender Boulevard (one of the most popular places to party).

Amager: Ingolfs kaffebar

Christiania: Morgenstedet - eating. Nemoland - drinking. Maanefiskeren - drinking.

If you want to go for organic food you can choose places like Solhatten in Istedgade,I din Baghave in Tullinsgade or Victor Borges Plads, Spidsroden in Griffenfeldsgade and more I do not remember the names of.

My favourite internetcafe is the one in Rantzausgade, good service and cheap internet, 15 dkr/hour for non-members.


Official we say it is winter December-February, spring March-May, summer June-August and autumn September-Novmber. But the weather in Denmark is difficult to rely on, and a popular topic to talk about. In winter we normally have some weeks or months of snow and ice, in summer if we are lucky we have sunny days around 20-30 degree Celsius.

Festivals and Events The holidays in Denmark mostly follow christian celebrations. A non-christian tradition that survived is the midsummercelebration with bonfires in June, but this is not a holiday. Official holidays: Schools also have holidays in the summer around July, one week in October and one week in February. Copenhagen will be filled with different kind of musicfestivals and events through the summer. Examples are jazzfestival. concerts in Tivoli, Nemoland, Ofelia Beach, Stella Polaris, open-air cinema arranged by zulu sommerbio, Copenhagen cooking, Smag verden.

Transportation If you arrive at Copenhagen Airport, you can get to the city center by bus, train or metro. If you take the train to the Central Station, or metro to Noerreport ( the fastest solution, around 15 minutes),there will be connections to other parts of the city with bus or s-train. The cheapest 2-zone-ticket cost 24dkr, and then you pay extra for each zone. From Airport to the city are 3 zones. If you go for more than one trip in the city, often it is better to buy a 10-trip-card (20 zones), it is around half price. For a longer stay, especially in summertime, buying a cheap bike can be a good choiche. Copenhagen want to be a good city for bikes, and it is very popular to bike.

Do you want to go around in Denmark, or to other countries, you can use, bus, train, plane or car-share:

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Nearby Places to Visit If you want to go outside Copenhagen, you can go to see Kronborg Castle in Helsingoer or Frederiksborg Castle in Hilleroed . Dragoer is a small romantic village south of Copenhagen . Dyrehaven is a forest in Klampenborg, Bakken is a part of Dyrehaven. Louisiana is an artmuseum north of Copenhagen in very beautiful surroundings The smaller and less beautiful Arken in Ishoej south of Copenhagen is also worth seing . If you are interested in wikings, maybe go to the museum in Roskilde to see their ships . Or spend half an hour in the train to get to Malmoe, a nice small town in Sweden or .

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