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Getting around

the austrian railway: If you travel longer trough austria, and you are less than 26 years old, you should by the "vorteilscard", you get 45 % off trains, and it costs you only 20 € per year! (and even in most europe, like germany, you still get 25 % off)

an "einfach-raus"-ticket enables up to 5 people to take regional trains for appr 25 € for the WHOLE DAY! - maybe you can take someone with you... !?

Emergency numbers

The 112 is available all over Europe. It is free of charge and you will get help from police, fire brigade or medical emergency services.

Help for women

If you are victim of a sexual assault, you can find help at Weisser Ring:




See Vienna


great for mountain sports, winter and summer, stay at my (hans) house and walk from there to an Alm and enjoy the view on Innsbruck :-) you can also ski-jump IN town, at Bergisel-hill.


Cultural capital 2003, the 2nd biggest city in Austria, part of Obersteiermark/Gorna Śtayerska/Upper Styria, the official website says: "The Styrian capital of Graz is famous for its high quality of life and stands out as a vital business location and as a center of science, research and culture. Here at Graz Info you can get all the basic information about our "Murtropolis". "

Mur is the river that divides up-town (postal-zip 8010) from trench-town (postal-zip 8020); this still reflects into city-planning until this day: whereas the Old City, University and upper-class living districts are on the east side of the river, the west side districts along the river are higher density working-class, experiencing gentrification and increase in rent, a process supported by mid-scale reconstruction and a youthful "creative industry" emerging car-industries (Magna Steyr) decreases air-quality, and a planned dam for a power-plant may put it further at risk, if realised.

Graz was home-town to ex-patriate governour of California, Arnold Schwarznegger (who precisely comes from a nearby village, Thal) and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, founder of a Masochism-movement.

The modern low-boh�me slapstick-comedy "Die unabsichtliche Entf�hrung der Elfriede Ott" takes place in Graz. There is also a well-known, award-winning documentary about Marihuana-use in Graz, called "Zustandwechsel".


easy in Graz: karlrt


3rd biggest city in Austria, and cultural capital of Europe in 2009. Despite being a city of only 190 000 inhabitants, which means life is a lot more relaxed than in bigger cities, Linz has a lot to offer. You would never expect this in a city of the size of Linz. Churches, museums, a lot of cultural and traditional activities during the year, a beautiful assemble of houses in the city center and its old part as well as a lot of nature in and around the city make Linz the perfect retreat for your stay in Austria. If you are into sports activities: Why not row on the danube, cycle along it even a little further: to France (via Rhein) or the black sea, most of the time on reserved cycling paths. Climb on our demanding indoor climbing wall before going out to explore the mountains in the lake district of Upper Austria (aprox. 45min to 95min from Linz depending where You want to go). Why not join Linz marathon or our national hiking day. A lot of things are possible in Linz! If you are interessted in knowing more about Linz, pleae join our local group:

or contact me: thyfriend

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