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Both of my parents' families have been living in Guangzhou (aka Canton) for around 30 generations -- yes i do know: we have family tree to trace back -- and i'm proudly being "absolute Cantonese" (i may even say i'm too Cantonese to be Chinese^^).

I'm very lucky to be working on something i like (International Trading) and i enjoy my life -- both inside and outside work-- most of the time.

I had a very different life experience compare to most of my peers (especially those from this big city of Guangzhou). I've been a "boss" all my life: i'm the eldest child in the family and life had forced me to take care of the family since i was 6 years old; i had been a student leader for 15 years and i'm now self-employed (i worked under real governing for 2 years only and that's when i just graduated). I try to improve but i know i'm not a good listener as i'm not used to "listen". So if you find that i'm a bit (or maybe more than "a bit") bossy please do forgive me.

I was told that i got a feisty personality, strong-headed & free willed. I guess it's pretty true.

And very important: i'm sour, salty, bitter and spicy (just not sweet), and indeed aggressive. I usually hold opposite viewpoints in a conversation and can't help teasing people. So if you are easily offended, better stay away from me. ^^

I literally WAS a CSer, and was named "one of the hearts & souls of Guangzhou CS community". But i cleaned up my profile there already, despite of all the positive references earned over years. BW is a new start, no need to look back.

Spoken languages

  • Mandarin Chinese Mother Tongue
  • Cantonese Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • French Beginner
  • Spanish Beginner

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I'm allergic to alcohol!

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Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

2~3 days. We don't host guest(s) for one night only as that would be too short time to have some real communication -- we are not running a free hotel.

I Live With:

My boyfriend. I will host you if he feels like to also. If your profile is empty and has no profile pictures, you are not likely to get the green light from him and we don't like someone whom we don't know anything about to come stay with us.

Please bring:

I collect beer mats and coins; my boyfriend loves (good) chocolate; but good mood only is necessary to stay with us.

I can offer my guests:

- Guides on what to do and eat in Guangzhou
There's an old saying in China: "To LIVE in Hangzhou (beautiful environment), DIE in Liuzhou (top quality wood to make coffin^^), DRESS in Suzhou (silk production base), and EAT in Guangzhou (best food)." Since the environment is not great here, and we don't have many interesting sceneries, Guangzhou is all about eating besides shopping -- we have wholesale markets specializing in everything and anything here: from IT to electronics, from home appliances to furniture, from fabric to garments, from shoes to underwear, from decorative materials to hotel supplies, from bicycle parts to hardware, from garden plants to pets, from foodstuffs to Chinese medicine, from seafood to vegetables, from hairdressing products to jade... challenge me on telling you where is the specializing market! ^^
- teach Chinese characters
Written Chinese, it's the most terrified written language you can think of? I will change your mind in 10 minutes -- I promise you will be able to read (and probably write also) 20 characters within 20 mins, knowing 90% of the printed texts are covered with less than 1000 characters.

I can offer my hosts:

- A meal
I'm a good cook! Friends describe me as a terrific dumplings maker (Chinese dumplings). I'd be more than happy to cook at least one dinner and share with my host each place i stay, letting people know what is real Chinese food. I can at least teach how to make Chinese dumplings, which is easy, and tasty!
- written Chinese class (refer to what i can offer my guests).

Other information for guests:

Single bedroom with a 1.2 meter bed and the sofa in the living room, so if 2 of you can squeeze in the single bed, we can host 3 people. :-)

Public transport:

Taojin station on subway line 5
Baiyun Hotel bus stop (westbound) or Garden Hotel bus stop (eastbound) on Huanshi Dong Rd

House Rules:
No drugs.

I have a name, PLEASE include my name - Sammie - when you send me a message, if you can't be bothered to read my profile and address me with a proper name then i can't be bothered to reply your message. I'm happy to make connection and help those who respect my time and work only.

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