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About me

Welcome to (western) Switzerland & Enjoy! I'll try to share my swiss experiment of a french guy with you, if you catch me while not overloaded with work. Don't forget to bring your own life. ### Addicted with train trips, especially in mountains and to whole kind of long or short trips ### Don't believe before you see... #### You can contact me on the last minute by phone...but be aware I won't necessarly be home ;) Have quite a lot of work and things planed until I don't really know when, still feel free to contact. #### I like the hospitality virginity allowed by BW ;)

Spoken languages

  • French Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • German Intermediate
  • Spanish Intermediate

My interests


Travelling, duh! small mountain trains, the ones from wich you can stick your head out to enjoy the trip. Live concerts / openairs... not going to enough of them... check the Safien Openair though. deserted outdoors.


Not a huge reader. Nevertheless, have a nice library of books about trams, buses and sometimes trains. Nearly all of them in french though


Take drums, a guitar, a bass and eventually a vocal and most likely I will like it; make it live, outdoors and/or unexpected and I will certainly enjoy it.


I usually forget them soon after I've seen them. Some memories goes to Copola, Tarantino, Almodovar and also Marie Poppins, The rocky horror picture show and a few french masterpieces which really bring the cinema to a noble art...

Organisations I belong to:

ALSF/DFB (Furka cogwheel steam railway - Dampfbahn Furka Bergstreke)Also on HC/CS with same usernameHave a look at vivaconagua.ch / vivaconagua.org

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Kent+Newcastle [UK], Rhein-Ruhr+Berlin+Kiel+Hamburg [DE], Madrid+Barcelona+Baleares [ES], Firenze+Roma+Trento+Bozen+Sabaudia [IT], Paris+Strasbourg+South-East quarter [F], Vodice+Zadar [HV], Yokohama+Tokyo [JP], Quito+Puyo+Cuenca [EC], Caracas+Porlamar+Mérida [VE], Amsterdam+Nijmegen+Noord Holland [NL], Riga+Sigulda+Jaunpils [LV], Tartu+Tallin+Parnu [EE], Klapeida+Nida+Vilnius+Kaunas [LT], Poznan+Opole+Gródek+Krakow [PL], Bruxelles+Namur+Verviers [BE], Trondheim [NO], Stockholm [SE], Tetouan+Rabat+Marrakech [MA], Timisoara+Sibiu+Cluj+Dej+Bistrita+Brasov+Iasi+Suceava [RO], Chishinau [MD], Odessa+Kiev+Lviv [UA] and obvisouly most big cities in CH+Centovalli+Bernina+Albula+Safien+Furka-Oberalp+Ajoie+...

Planned trips:

Yep and no, depends when... time is more a condition than space. What is going through my mind now: Baltics (again), Romania (finally), Paris (will I once like it), Berlin (again & again), North-East Italy (...)

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That's probably why we are all here (or at least should, no?)



Second hometown by heart


Berlin Lakes

As soon as the sun is out

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yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Depends on how we match, from a couple of days to more

I Live With:

Guests when there are some

Please bring:

Good mood

I can offer my guests:

A lot except a lot of time usually

Public transport:

Local bus round the corner, train station in 15 minutes walk

House Rules:
No drugs.

Connect to the place, feel at home and everything should get on smoothly. I appreciate sharing with my guests.

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