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JanCBorchardt Jan-Christoph Borchardt

About me

I love free culture, open access to knowledge, and leveling the playing field for everyone. That also means an absolute intolerance towards sexists, racists, homophobes, transphobes, ageists and that kind of superficial bullshit.

I design, develop and translate for open source projects such as ownCloud (alternative to Dropbox and Google stuff) and Terms of Service; Didn’t Read (we rate website terms), and curate a directory of free web services at http://libreprojects.net

Currently I travel mainly to attend conferences and meet up with great people.

Spoken languages

  • German Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • French Beginner
  • Spanish Beginner
  • Russian Beginner
  • Hebrew Beginner
  • Arabic Can only say Welcome!

My interests


cycling, barefoot running, climbing, scribbling, typing on computers, …


to have or to be


Ambient electro, IDM, hardcore punk, mashups, classical, …
I won’t list all the artists.


Mostly psychological thrillers: Enter the Void, Irreversible, Memento, The Machinist, …
But also nicer things like Garden State and La vita è bella.

Organisations I belong to:

Free Culture Foundation
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Lived in northern Germany, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, San Francisco, Berkeley, Phu Quoc (Vietnam), Paris, …
Short trips to Ramallah, New York City, Zurich, Brussels, The Hague, Strasbourg, London, Dublin, Prague, Brno, Unhošť, Portland, Saigon, Lyon, Boston, …
All around Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands (by bike), Israel, California, Florida, Crete, Morocco, …

Planned trips:

Hitchhiking around the Iberian Peninsula with insa in May.
AfricaHackTrip in eastern central Africa around October.

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Smash monopolies, systems of oppression and discrimination!



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Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

About 2 or 3 nights. I have set it to »Maybe« because sometimes I just need time for myself, or am simply traveling.

I Live With:

My two flatmates

I can offer my guests:

A big sofa bed, a sleeping bag.

I can offer my hosts:

Help to use more human platforms than Facebook, and how to protect your privacy online. In previous lives I was photographer and drummer, so we can jam too.

House Rules:
No smoking.

Don’t be an asshole.

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