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Welcome to the Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany.

People tend to think of cold, reserved and introvert people that are living in Germany's North. We can assure you: This is wrong! Bremen is a great city full of outgoing, fun and friendly people, and this is not restricted to HospEx members. Funny wise, some people like to refer to it as Germany's biggest village. Visit us and find out yourself.

The Roland statue of Bremen

General Stuff



Bremen has an airport connected to many European cities thanks to the airlines Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Ryanair or Air Berlin, among others.


The tram is THE way to move in Bremen. You can catch a tram from the airport, the main station or almost any place in the city. The tram is convenient and punctual but a little bit expensive (2,30 Euro the ticket as in 2011). Some people decide not to pay as the controls are pretty rare.


Bremen is the German city with the most cycle facilities. You can go almost anywhere using the safe, convenient cycle lanes and tracks.


The city center is a pedestrian zone and you might have difficulties to park.

Where to eat?


You can eat for 10-15 Euro in Schlachte, the most beautiful part of the city (when the sun is shinning). It's along the river Weser.


Another place with Weser view, just greener and calmer than on Schlachte, open during summer monthes- April until October. ! You might even get your food prepared and served from an HospEx member !

Restaurant Cocina

You can eat at the restaurant Cocina located inside the airport (first floor) for less than 7 euros.

Fast Food

There is a McDonald in the city center and a Burger King inside the station. A GemÃÂ�¼se Kebap place just opened on the tram stop "Skt JÃÂ�¼rgen Str". Veggie and carnivore DÃÂ�¶ner and Rollos with delicious fried vegetables. The two turkish places in front of the Ziegenmarkt (Vor dem Steintor) make a delighting lentil soup, also try the Vorspeiseteller (starters plates) there. They are open all night long on week ends.

Back Factory

You can go to Back Factory (several in the city, including the city center and the station square) where you can have a huge breakfast for less than 5 Euro.

I don't have time, or I'm drunk already, or I'm broke, and I'm starving!

Then be a bremer and just grab a hotdog at the Eck (Eck translates into "corner") in the Viertel (Viertel translates into quartier or neighborhood). Vor dem Steintor, next to the Sielwall crossroad. Also veggie hotdogs.

Sights of Interest

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Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten


The symbol of Bremen right in the middle of the central square of down town Bremen. He stands as a symbol of Bremen's independence and liberty of the cities own legislation.

The Bremen Musicians

Born out of pure legend and the fairy tale: Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten (engl. The musicians of the City of Bremen), the musicians have become a symbol of Bremen, for which the city has become popular all around the world. The people show their gratitude with numerous sculptures, plastics and t-shirts that they gladly sell to all the lovely little tourists.


January 6th:

Eiswette - a funny tradition where a tailor checks if he can cross the river Weser without getting wet feet.


Carnival in Bremen, more South-American than Cologne style


Easter market, fun fair right next to the Main train station


Breminale Music (live concerts for free) & art festival along the River Weser, Osterdeich (see also hangouts)


International Bremen Summer
Circus festival LA STRADA
Festival Maritim in Bremen-Vegesack (in the northern end of Bremen)
ViertelFest - an end of summer street festival in the heart of the city

October (2nd half):

Freimarkt (free market), one of the biggest and oldest fairground festivals in Germany, right north of the railway station. It's right after famous Oktober Fest, which leads many of the showmen from Munich to subsequently visit Bremen


International Cutter Race / Kutterpullen tournament (rowing contest on the Weser river)


Christmas market around the old city hall

Regular meetings & HospEx Hangouts

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Regular Meetings in Bremen

MoM - Mid of the Month Meeting

The meeting takes place every 14th of each month at Wohnzimmer (see Hangouts). The first regular meeting in Bremen was established years ago and randomly put on the 14th of every month. The first MoM happened on a Friday and thus the 14th seemed to be a good idea. So sorry for all the Monday...

EoM - End of the Moneth meeting

The EoM takes place every last Friday or Saturday of each month at changing places. During summer, the people of Bremen love to hang out outside, engage in BBQ and random sports that seem popular at the time (e.g. slack lining, Frisbee, etc). During winter and rainy weather, meetings are usually organised in various bars - which is always a good opportunity to try other places than the regular ones.

Hangouts (Bars & the sorts)


A rather new asset to the Bremen's bar scene, it quickly became one of Bremen's favourites. The couch landscape provides the perfect stage for any meeting and social get-together. A smoker's room is neatly fit in as well, which integrates our dear junkies rather than forcing them outside... pretty important in sometimes rainy Bremen.

Wiener Hof Cafe

Quite a bit hidden, but definitely worth a visit. Der "Wiener Hof", as locals refer to it, is an age old establishment in Bremen's bar scene. It offers all the regular drinks, a pool billiard table, a weird but sympathetic guy called Georg that randomly starts talking to you about anything you have never even thought of before (the butterflies on the wall outside are from his collection) and a separate room that can be perfectly used for Round Tables.

Paddy's Pit

The pub is located right in front of the main train station towards the city exit. It is very popular among native English speakers and fans of Karaoke, which happens every Sunday, live on stage.

Osterdeich (engl. Easter dyke)

Osterdeich is located between the local football stadium (Weserstadion) and south-eastern end of down-town Bremen all along River Weser. The dyke is among the most popular places when sun shows her smiley face. Of course the favourite past time of most visitors is to enjoy a fresh Pils (type of beer), but also BBQs can often be observed here, dogs are playing around, babies are pushed along the river by their mothers on rollerblades. It's simply a great place to observe the world passing by in its time and enjoy yourself.


A lake in the middle of the city, not exactly true as the it is an artificial dead end arm of River Weser, but who cares. The lawns around the lake make up for a great place to hang out during summer and even to swim if water temperatures permit.

Bermuda Dreieck (engl. Bermuda Triangle)

The Bermuda triangle is an area within "Das Viertel" (engl. the quarter). Here you can find a number of great bars, among them the legendary Heart Break Hotel. The following descriptions are of an entirely subjective point of view. However, it is the perfect place to start and end a pub crawl.

Heart Break Hotel
Simply legendary. The Heartbreak as seen just as many broken hearts as it saw hearts falling in love, drunkards, gays, gigolos, bitches, models, hipsters, trend setters, wannabes and what do know I more. There are three cinema chairs on the back wall of the bar. They sit on a tiny stage from where you can observe buzz. Probably my favourite place in all Bremen.. Luce: mine too. Never ever want to get out once I'm in. Don't forget to try: Vodka picante.
Rum Bumbers
Loud, full of punks and just a great place to drink a beer, or ten. Especially during happy hour, try: Astra Pils
Capri Bar
Yet another great bar in the triangle with a cave like interior, try: Jever vom Fass. Happy Hour from 8 to 10, pay one beer and get two, reduced cocktail prices as well.
This bar is especially popular among table football players. Don't try to mess with the semi pros. They make you climb under the table as a punishment for loosing.
The cheap try to gain the crowd by adopting the name of the area. It's featured in this list only of its completion.