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Since the beginning of this campaign, we received € 1028.47 as donations.

Thank you for helping us to reach the goal of € 2000 in order to cover our expenses for 2016/2017!

Recent donations by date, amount and country (personal details are not shown unless explicitly asked for):

17/01/11€ 25.00Via paypal Completed Luxembourg
17/01/10 200.00Bank transferGermany
17/01/07€ 26.00Via paypal Completed France
17/01/05 15.00Via paypal Completed France
17/01/04€ 10.00Via paypal Completed Netherlands
17/01/03 35.00Bank transferGermany
17/01/02 100.00Bank transferSpain
16/12/30 25.00Bank transferGermany
16/12/30 100.00Bank transferSwitzerland
16/12/30 50.00Bank transferFrance
16/12/30 30.00Bank transferUnknown country
16/12/28€ 10.00Via paypal Completed France
16/12/28 25.00Bank transferGermany
16/12/27€ 10.00Via paypal Completed Germany
16/12/27€ 50.00Via paypal Completed Spain
16/12/26€ 25.00Via paypal Completed United States
16/12/23€ 25.00Via paypal Completed Austria
16/12/23 50.00Bank transferGermany
16/12/22 50.00bank transferBelgium
16/12/20€ 60.00Via paypal Completed Switzerland
16/12/19 15.00Bank transferGermany
16/12/18€ 10.00Via paypal Completed France
16/12/16 7.47BitpayUnknown country
16/12/13€ 10.00Via paypal Completed United Kingdom
16/12/13€ 10.00Via paypal Completed Canada