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Goal for 2022-2023: €600

€697.00 received

Recent donations by date, amount and country (personal details are not shown unless explicitly asked for):
22/06/01 20.00paypalKingdom of the Netherlands
22/02/18 25.00PaypalUnknown country
22/02/10 100.00Bank transferKingdom of Spain
22/02/10 5.00PaypalItalian Republic
22/02/09 40.00Bank transferFederal Republic of Germany
22/02/07 5.00PaypalItalian Republic
22/02/04 10.00PaypalFederal Republic of Germany
22/02/01 1.00Bank transferUnknown country
22/01/31 10.00PaypalFederal Republic of Germany
22/01/30 5.00PaypalFederal Republic of Germany
22/01/29 50.00PaypalFederal Republic of Germany
22/01/27 25.00Bank transferRepublic of France
22/01/10 2.00Bank transferUnknown country
22/01/07 50.00Bank transferItalian Republic
22/01/06 25.00PaypalFederal Republic of Germany
22/01/05 100.00Bank transferKingdom of Spain
22/01/03 16.00Bank transferKingdom of the Netherlands
22/01/03 1.00Bank transferUnknown country
21/12/23 10.00PaypalFederal Republic of Germany
21/12/21 25.00Bank transferFederal Republic of Germany
21/12/21 10.00PaypalRepublic of France
21/12/21 5.00PaypalRepublic of France
21/12/19 10.00PaypalFederal Republic of Germany
21/12/18 2.00PaypalRepublic of France
21/12/18 25.00PaypalFederal Republic of Germany