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gmail Support Account

At the moment, the OTRS is down (see http://trac.bewelcome.org/ticket/1516 ) As a temporary solution, we use a gmail account.

Get access to the gmail account

Ask login, password and security google stuff (an email adress) to:

How to

  • All the messages to reply are in Inbox
  • We use the label thing to sort the messages, there are labels for:
    • Languages
    • Queues
    • Volunteers

(If you join in, create your own label with your username, at the bottom of the label list on the lef, click "more" then "Create new label" then label the messages you take care about with your label)

  • In your reply please put your BW username, it's not nice to receive anonymous answers.
  • there are template messages in the drafts, sometimes in several languages, e.g. for members who want to delete their profile
  • If you don't know what to reply, you can
    • ask on the IRC :channel #bewelcome on irc.freenode.net
    • ask on the forum
  • Some people report bug(s), go play with trac to check if the bug is already reported, if not create a trac ticket
  • After you reply is sent, please archive your message (it will be archived together with the question and accessible in the "All mail" folder) The "Archive" button is the button with an arrow on a black box in the top gmail tool bar

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