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e GA 2 2014


Chat evenings to ask questions to BoD members:

23.03.2014 19:00 CET

25.03.2014 21:00 CET


25.03.2014 (approximately 23:00 CET) - 28.03.2014 (23:59 CET)

polls will be posted in the eGA group (the old one)

how to join

  • the chats will take place in the http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=bevolunteer
  • chats will be public
  • chat logs will be published in the eGA group

BoD candidates

  1. claudiaab - Tue, 25 Feb 14 08:49:22 +0100
  2. wind - Sun, 02 Mar 14 15:35:36 +0100
  3. Railslide - Sun, 16 Mar 14 13:17:25 +0100

presentation of the BoD candidates


  • volunteering background: I have volunteered for BeWelcome since before the website existed. At the moment I am Support Team coordinator and Member Administration Coordinator and Safety Team member. I was a BoD member several times in the past.
  • hospex experience: I have participated in hospex networks since 2004, but have already been brought up with the concept of hospitality by my parents
  • BoD position(s) you would be willing to take over and goals for these positions: At the moment I'm secretary and I would certainly like to continue this work more or less in the same style; I would like to improve the documentation of BoD work to make it easier for new BoDs to get started; Other positions would be Volunteer Coordinator or Communication Coordinator; In both positions I would like to cooperate with volunteers outside the BoD; I would also be willing to be Executive, if needed. As Executive apart from being spokesperson and legal representative I would like to coordinate between BoD and positions and volunteer teams outside the BoD (especially if the Coordinator positions are not filled inside the BoD) Keeping the balance between professional and correct procedures and simplifying and clarifying procedures would certainly be one of the challenges;
  • time you can commit for BoD issues: several hours per week if needed
  • goals for BeVolunteer: a broad and balanced membership base of experienced hospex dinosaurs and newer, active volunteers; revising procedures, rules and regulations, statutes; improving the image of BV;
  • goals for BeWelcome: short term: stable website, functional volunteering teams to ensure functionality of every aspect of BW; mid term: a more modern and attractive website; long term: strengthening BW in other parts of the world; in general: staying open-source and volunteer run;


  • volunteering background: BoD member since 2013, BV member since 2012, past: support team, 2003-2006 volunteering for ELASA - European Landscape Architecture Students Association
  • hospex experience: in HC since 2005, hosted many people, have been guest sometimes as well, attended some hospex meetings like the berlin beach camp or mont royal summer camp
  • BoD position(s) you would be willing to take over and goals for these positions: willing to take over any position, but i would prefer not to go for executive and secretary general
  • time you can commit for BoD issues: hard to calculate, but i don't expect it to be more time consuming than the last 4 months with a lot of conflict solving included
  • goals for BeVolunteer: stabilize BV, gaining new BV members, involving BV more in the day-to-day BoD work, re-organising the development team (probably the main task)
  • goals for BeWelcome: a lot of visions and great ideas simply disappeared in the last 2 months, so focus on simple things like local volunteering


  • volunteering background: I have been volunteering for BeWelcome since late 2012 in a unstructured way (i.e. mostly with the wiki content taskforce group) and in a structured way (i.e. within volunteer teams) since early 2013. At the moment I am a member of the Support Team and of the Forum Moderators team.
  • hospex experience: 2006 - 2012 CS, 2012 - present BW
  • BoD position(s) you would be willing to take over and goals for these positions: Ideally, I would feel much more comfortable in not taking any delegate position for my first BoD shot, but I am also aware that in case of being elected in a 3-people board that won't be an option. If that happens, I would probably ask for advices from more experienced BoD members (hopefully I won't end up in an all-rookies BoD!) and be ready/willing to take any needed position. As a rule of thumb, however, I found the idea of managing BW finances a bit more scary than the other roles.
  • time you can commit for BoD issues: A bit hard to give a specific amount... However, I calculated 2-3 hours per week as default, while maintaining some extra space of maneuver for those occasions in which more time is needed
  • goals for BeVolunteer & BeWelcome: try to get BV members involved in the BoD work, try to get more people in BV, try to improve communications (either between volunteers and between BV/BoD and the community), try to reassert a bit of trust, try to address the current dev situation

questions to the BoD candidates

you can either ask questions during one of the two chat sessions or post them here in the wiki.