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Workpage Newsletter 2019 1

On January 2019, BeWelcome.org announced the the launch of its newly redesigned platform with membership experience, global hospitality exchange and cultural appreciation in mind. This has been a two year volunteer led process, and meant rewriting much of the old code, dropping some old features (blogs) and adding many new ones features. BeWelcome invites you, our existing member, and your friends to explore the new platform at www.bewelcome.org now. We feel you will be pleasantly surprised!

So whats cahnges. While the full list of changes will be noted in the release notes and FAQ, there are some of the headline changes!

Host Requests

A long held request by members was a host request system. Until now members sent hosting guests through the generic mesaging system. The redesign has a seprate host rquest system, and is valuable for a number of reasons.

Mobile friendly

Yes, the redesign means www,bewelcome.org is noe mobile friendly. while the

Group Creation

  • group creation will be moderated

Admin Backend

admin backend. Community news now a tool of its own (was a blog post earlier)

Login with email

Searching for Hosts

When setting your home, you can now use a location marker/ map search (Including dragging map/zoom in/zoom out) to indicate your location. This allows for more accurate in search.

Activities & Events

The landing page now shows activities in your area (at the moment limited to 20km around you) upcoming in the next three months. Y

Your Data

You might have noticed a request to accept "cookies" if you recently logged into BeWelcome. That is part of our strong belief in data protection and privacy for all members. Within the European Union and the European Economic Area, data protection is also demanded in the General Data Protection Regulation now embedded in EU law. Moving forward, we want to provide you with more detail about how we use/don't use your data, in the FAQ and terms of use. Request to delete profile enabled, complied within 24 hours.

Changes to TOU

The Terms of Use (ToU) were updated to reflect changes to te platform.


This website wouldn't be possible without the help of geonames.org to help you find your way around the world, OpenStreetMap, and its contributors and PHPStorm which makes developing with PHP a joy. The redesign runs on open source BW Rox rev. 12132fe37 (2018-11-01 08:31:59)