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Travelling with family Belgium

Travelling with a family in Belgium

In general Belgium is a child-friendly country, there are many smaller playgrounds in every town and usually some huge playgrounds somewhere in the area. Many restaurants are prepared for the little guests and provide toys and babyseats etc.


public transport

  • De Lijn busses are wide enough to take a pram through the doors
  • consider using a wrap / sling or an ergonomic baby carrier (not face forward)

by car

Whenever you use a car with your kids you should remember to use car seats according to their age and the legal requirements of the country you travel in.

your own car

renting a car


by bike

baby seats / trailers to be rent


rental bikes


breast feeding in public

breast feeding in public is mostly accepted, due to the relatively small number of women who actually breastfeed their babies / kids, it is not too familiar a sight. I ~~~ have not yet encountered negative remarks yet after about 3 years of breastfeeding in public in this country.

baby food

restaurants / cafés with kids / babies

legal situation / cultural situation



fun parks