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Setting up a good profile

Your profile represents your identity in BeWelcome, so it is worthy to spend some time to fill it properly. Of course it is not mandatory, but a complete profile would highly increase your chances to fully enjoy your hospitality exchange experience, as well as the possibility of hosting or being hosted.

How to start

Sometimes it feels weird to write about yourself. If that's the case, no panic! Simply start from any field you feel confident with, like the languages you speak or where you would like to travel next. You can come back to the other fields later, once you got on the right track.


Starting with filling in a bit of info in each and every field gets you on the right track. If you need inspiration, you can take a look to other people's profile Try having a friend look it over to see if it makes sense A picture is worth a 1000 words - try to make your profile picture a good representation of yourself

Accommodation info In this section you should include any information that could help a potential guests in figuring out what to expect when staying at your place. Your home, your rules - be detailed about them, so to reduce the risk of misunderstandings.

Some questions that could help you in filling this section are:

  • Do you live with other people?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Will your guest have to be out of the house when you are at work?
  • Is there any particular restriction or preference your guests should take into account when staying at your place?

Will your guests have to bring sleeping bags?

Profile translation

If you want, you can also translate your profile in other languages. This function could be very useful if you are going to host or visit people who don't speak English. For doing so, simply select the language you want from the Add language drop-down menu and translate your text. Once you have done, it would be possible for any potential host or guest to read your profile in all the translated languages.


You might already know some people on BeWelcome. If you know anyone well, it's a good idea to leave them a comment! They might leave a comment for you as well in return, which makes your profile slightly more complete. If on the other hand you have a bad experience with a member you might want to contact the safety team. You can read more about comments in the dedicated page.