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In case of conflicts between members or with volunteers BeWelcome has created the "position" of an Ombudsman / Ombudsperson.


  • Mediation between disputed parties (members vs. teams or Board of Directors)
  • Moderation of conflicts within the teams incl. Board of Directors
  • Moderation of conflicts between different teams (or between teams and Board of Directors)
  • Make suggestions for changing policies and procedures
  • Taking care of the documentation of the "role" of the Ombudsperson

Official status

  • Non-official legal status as official status are only General Assembly and Board of Directors


  • If technically possible, the Ombudsperson should be a reading member of the moderation group


  • At every General Assembly the BeVolunteer members can approve or disapprove his/her position as long as the person shows interest for another period. Everybody is welcome to present him-/herself as candidate and should be included in the poll


  • Documentation is needed on the position of the Ombudsperson, in all aspects of this position: rights, processes, tasks, etc.


  • The Ombudsperson will need an own e-mail address or forwarder


  • Preferably a member of BeVolunteer
  • Diplomatic
  • Not directly involved in Board of Directors / Moderation Team / Safety Team
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement filed
  • Sufficient level of English

Board of Directors' decision from March 2015

  • Here you can find the thoughts of the Board of Directors about the installation of an Ombudsperson


  • If you are involved in any conflicts that are not safety relevant (in these cases you should contact the safety team) feel free to contact the Ombudsperson. Currently this is pietshah