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Leeuwarden is the capital of Friesland, one of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands. It is situated the the north of the Netherlands in a rural area with lots of farmlands surrounding it. Leeuwarden has about 250 couchsurfers. Since the fall of 2009 there is an active group of Couchsurfers again who organizes monthly meetings and other activities. At the end of 2012 CS announced the end of life of there wiki, so the information was transferred to here along with some of the members.

There's some GENERAL information about the city on Wikitravel.


There is a monthly Couchsurfing/BeWelcome meeting. These meetings take place in De Stee, a nice bar right across the street form the bus and train station, so it is easy to find.

Other local or non-local activities are also planned in this event agenda and on Facebook


The latest asset on cultural going-out info, is the flyer 'UIT'. Available monthly at kiosks and bars. It is in Dutch.


The public transport in Leeuwarden is organised by Arriva. We have city buses from the main station to all other parts of the city.

-- Details on how to use and prices need to be added --

If you need to get from one location to another location with Dutch public transport, try using the English Journeyplanner.

The Nederlandse Spoorwegen is the Dutch Rail Company for all your national train travels. We have by far Europe's most extensive, frequent & reliable train service, but by far also quite expensive. There is a nice map available of all train routes.


Koninginnedag 30 april

Befrijdingsfestval Fryslan 5 may

Bloemetjesmarkt 14 may

Fries Straat Festival 26,37,28 may

Dancetour Leeuwarden 7 July

Jailbreak Festival 14, 15 July

Into The Grave 11 August

A Campingflight to mijn Ouders 18 August

Welcome to Friesland CS event 23,24,25,26 August

-- Needs to be updated --

Hospitality Exchange

There are a lot of Couchsurfers in Leeuwarden. Some of them host people and some of them are available for a coffee or a drink or maybe even to show people around the city. You'll find them by doing a couch search.

In the groups you can easily find the Leeuwarden group.

Because Leeuwarden isn't the first place couchsurfers visiting the Netherlands visit, you have a pretty good change to find a couch. But in general, to increase the chance to find a couch and a great host you should have a great fully filled profile and send personal (!) requests.

BeWelcome is a small but growing community within Leeuwarden. You can Leeuwarden in the groups section of BeWelcome.