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Documentation for BeWelcome forum

This Wiki doc explains a bit how the BeWelcome forum works.

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Basic features

Basically this forum allows you to :

  • Create new post
  • Reply to post
  • Subscribe to thread or to tags

Advanced features

The following features are available :

  • Ability to create version of a message in various languages (to increase its readability)
  • Dedicated forum for groups
  • Editable post
  • Include of pictures in posts
  • Expiration date for a thread (after this optional date nobody can post in the thread)
  • Specific visibility according to group membership
  • Subscription to a group forum
  • Privacy protection (you can decide that what you write in BW forum will only be visible for BW members, not for google)

The following features are under development :

  • Advanced moderator report tool

Moderator features

This forum is moderated. All actions done by moderators are logged and members must be notified of them.

Moderators can :

  • Edit a post
  • Allow the author of a post to modify it
  • Change the tag for a post
  • Remove a post
  • Close a thread
  • Ban a member from posting