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TECHNICAL ISSUES we have / had

  • Locking posts - forum posts get automatically locked 30' after posting or when someone replies (whichever happens first), which is a problem when we ask a person to edit their own post - FIXED?
  • Editing posts - most of us (except Frank) were unable to edit a post in a group we are not a member of. - FIXED?
  • Removing groups - the most recent thread (there have been many before this one) in which we get close to having this resolved,but some glitches remain.


  • Problematic groups <--- a really thorough thread on rules rules and regulations, and possibly some (Inappropriate) group removal
  • Groups - can anyone make a group? how to moderate them
  • German Groups - a discussion what should be in rules for setting up a group (a guy was setting a bunch of groups asking someone to be an admin)

REMOVAL of groups:

Groups that are/were Inactive :

Discussions about sth being COMMERCIAL:

  • Language exchange thread has a discussion about defining 'commercial' and when we should act, as well as some other links to previous threads.

Some specific examples from the past:

YES COMMERCIAL (no big discussion) : We automatically remove if it's a clearly spam/advertisement for some agency, be it in the form of a post or a group.

  • (discussed) - one off advertisement for selling a van


au pair offer in Family group (conclusion to leave), subletting a room in Paris - agreed NOT commercial, sharing cost of accommodation and advertising your NGO place in Togo in some groups and profile,

NO COMMERCIAL (but in groups)-

Helpful for GA reports:


older Deleted threads and posts list: One post per month - If there is already a post for the current month, simply edit the post and add the link(s) to the deleted thread(s)/post(s). Otherwise, use the reply button and specify the month in the new post.

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