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Group Bo D2018-19


Currently proposed migration date

status update from shevek

--> to c/p from amnesiac84 post

Translation status

(responsible: trasnlation team, sammiekong)

Communication status

(responsible: comms team, subaculture)

  • Newsletter ready
  • Warning message (popup) for site ready
  • Community news...

Testing status

(responsible: testing team, lososs will give updates)

  • re-test:
    • report message, request, post
    • moderator admin edit
    • safety team tool
    • translation tool
    • check search again
  • search works OK (type in, search map)
  • dates have a bug (arrival date after departure date)
  • subject lines non-editable on message and request
  • notifications regarding requests and messages delivered to correct users (notification about an action from potential host delivered to potential guest and vice versa)

NOT critical: collect to check later

  • group creation tool buggy (hard to track status, no notification to group creator, group created even if rejected)

Notifications in spam

--> building reputation of the server

  • dedicated group created on alpha: https://alpha.bewelcome.org/groups/2636
  • a list of 50 random members (logged in between 8 and 10 weeks ago (to exclude who is daily or almost), yes accommodation, member since more than 8 months) have been contacted to do testing of messages. < 2019-03-19 by http://www.bewelcome.org/members/leoalone leoalone (16 italian and spanish speaking members) , the rest to be done by http://www.bewelcome.org/members/lososs lososs>
    • >results to be collected here https://framadate.org/LcAfzb6gl6WiRmRj2fizCTiG/admin

Etherpad links

etherpad for BoD 2018-2019 Tools discussion (credentials same as for GA)

4th meeting 2019-02-19

3rd meeting 2019-01-19

2nd meeting 2018-12-16

1st meeting 2018-11-25

Useful links

Checklist for BoD

BoD meeting reports

Uploaded documents