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General Assembly 2017

Location and Date

The General Assembly 2017 will take place from November 18th - 22nd. All times are CET

  • Pre-Discussion: Online: 25th October-17th November 2017
  • Part One: Real-life Meeting in Lille, France and Online: 18th - 19th November 2017

La Coroutine - http://lacoroutine.org/ 8 rue Moliere in F - 59000 Lille

  • Part Two: Online voting: 20th - 22nd November 2017


Online preparations and discussions

Discussions take place in the BV members group. The Board of Directors will start the threads with the prefix -GA2017- or -eGA-.

Part 1: Real-life Meeting

From Saturday November 18th till Sunday November 19th we will meet in Lille, France.

Part 2: Online Voting

From Monday November 20th till Wednesday November 22nd for BV members with voting rights, link to be communicated in the voting groups.

voting group for the ordinary GA

voting group for the extraordinary GA-about statutes change

How to follow online

We'll keep an updated report on Etherpad and we'll might set an audio streaming on demand.

The connection's details and the password will be posted in the BV members group, you can ask to girandoliere

Agenda for the physical meeting in Lille

  • This is a draft, the GA can decide to change the Agenda

Suggestions for the agenda - General Assembly 2017

Ordinary General Assembly

SATURDAY 18th November 2017

10:00 - 10:10 - Welcome

10:45 - 11:30 - Annual Report

13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch break

SUNDAY 19th November 2017

11:40 - 12:20 - Data protection

12:20 - 13:00 - Rework the wiki structure

13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch break

14:00 - 14:45 - BW spokesperson

15:00 - 15:30 - Questions to BoD candidates

Extraodinary General Assembly

SATURDAY 18th November 2017

15.00-16.00 eGA: Change of statutes

16.00-17.00 eGA: Change of statutes

17.00-18.00 eGA: Change of statutes

SUNDAY 19th November 2017

10.00-10.45 eGA: Change of statutes

10.45-11.30 eGA: Change of statutes

Discussion ONLINE ONLY (ordinary GA)

Minutes of GA



Please put your name in the appropriate category by typing 4 '~'

I will attend the GA in person

(You don't need to be a member of BeVolunteer to attend)

I will not attend the GA in person, but will be online

  • girandoliere ( be online in some parts, not all )
  • frauenschuh
  • leoalone - Sun, 29 Oct 17 16:33:40 +0100
  • subaculture (visiting in-laws, long planned, when be inj/out of discussions)
  • amnesiac84 (taking care of a baby on Saturday, will check the discussion, but not always able to participate)

I will not join online, but I want to vote (only for active members)

Candidates for Board of Directors

Candidates are asked to write down their name here. Sign with four ~ symbols. Candidacy is subject to the rules and regulations.

thorgal67 - Wed, 15 Nov 17 01:05:39 +0100 As there has not been any candidate for the position of treasurer (one of the 2 official positions that need to be fulfilled) I present my candidature for that position. I have been the treasurer of BV in the past, including last term, and have some basic knowledge on bookkeeping and managing accounts. I will be available for monthly meetings and for routine tasks, and will do my best to help out with other administrative task. I will however not take any decision yet regarding my membership of other volunteer teams. If you think the position of treasurer/BoD membership is not compatible with forum moderation/safety team membership, then please do not vote for me.

duesseldorf After three years on the Board of Directors I think it is high time to have other people taking over - also to prevent any discussion about any permanent power centered on one person or a small group of people. This seems to be wishful thinking as the "jobs" on the Board seems to be unattractive as there are no new faces as candidates. To prevent having a lack of candidates I hereby present my candidature again - even though this means that I will probably not be able to work much on bringing BeWelcome forward. I am not a visionary leader but will do my best to fill in the official duties. I will not have much time besides the obligatory BoD tasks as I am still involved in several teams (communication team, safety team, also helping out support team without really being member of it) and would like to continue this team work.

Frauenschuh Rather then letting BV/BW without a working administration, I choose to run for the BoD. I have a few ideas how to bring BW forward, and hope they can help, but I'm aware that the job is mostly necessary administrative stuff,so I won't be frustrated too easily. Since the idea of me working in BoD is absolutely new, I haven't prepared a more detailed speech. Please ask me in the 'questions to BoD candidates' session.

Important information about voting

Every year there is the opportunity to vote on several subjects. Votes will be organised with the poll tool connected to the oGA voting group and the eGA voting group. Active BV members will receive an invitation to both groups. Only members of these groups are able to vote. For the calculation of majorities have a look in this discussion.

Logistic Info

How to come to Lille and attend the GA in person:

  • By Plane:
  • By Train:
  • By Bus: DB Bus from Germany

Public Transport


Events accompanying the GA

Please join the activities to make it easier to organize.

Going out together saturday night:

If you are interested in meeting up on Friday night please get in touch with Annie26 or duesseldorf.

Important documents