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General Assembly 2015

General Assembly 2015 Minutes

Location and Date

The General Assembly 2015 will take place in Duesseldorf, Germany on November 7th-8th. All times are CET

  • Part One: Online: 31st October - 5th November 2015
  • Part Two: Real-life Meeting and Online: 7th-8th November 2015


Part 1 : Online preparations and discussions

Discussions take place in the BV Members group. The BoD will start the threads with the prefix -GA2015-.

All BV-members with an active status have to join the GA2015 Group in order to vote. BV-members with a supportive status will be set active automatically as they the GA2015-group.

Part 2: Real-life Meeting

From Saturday November 7th till Sunday November 8th we will meet in Duesseldorf, Germany.

How to follow online

We'll keep an updated report on Piratenpad

The password will be posted in the BV member group, but can also be requested from amnesiac84


Suggestions for the agenda - General Assembly 2015

SATURDAY 7th November 2015

(Transparency / Democracy / Volunteering / Vision)

10:00 - 10:10 - Welcome

10:40 - 11:40 - Annual Report

11:40 - 12:30 - Vision

12:30 - 14:00 - Lunch break

18.00 end of GA day 1

SUNDAY 8th November 2015

(Website / Development)

13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch break

14:00 - 14:15 - Proposal for new Terms of Use (vote needed)

14:15 - 14:30 - Presentation of Ombudsman

14:30 - 15:15 - Questions to BoD candidates

15:15 - End of GA

Discussion ONLINE ONLY

Minutes of GA



Please put your name in the appropriate category by typing 4 '~'

I will attend the GA in person

(You don't need to be a member of BeVolunteer to attend)

amnesiac84 - Sun, 16 Aug 15 21:42:12 +0200

wind - Thu, 27 Aug 15 12:36:56 +0200

duesseldorf - Tue, 01 Sep 15 12:50:24 +0200

leoalone - Thu, 17 Sep 15 18:57:38 +0200

girandoliere - Sun, 06 Sep 15 08:43:25 +0200

wired-wokman - Sun, 11 Sep 15 16:28:25 +0200

polyglot - Tue, 13 Oct 15 12:48:00 +0200

subaculture - Tue, 20 Oct 15 16:54:53 +0200

claudiaab - Tue, 27 Oct 15 21:42:58 +0100



I will not attend the GA in person, but will be online


jeanyves I don't have a lot of time

sammiekong - Thu, 05 Nov 15 18:28:07 +0100 (I can only make it to join the part on Sat as i'm occupied on Sun + time difference.)

I will not join online, but I want to vote (only for active members)

arved - Wed, 14 Oct 15 15:40:35 +0200

crumbking - Thu, 15 Oct 15 15:08:07 +0200

matthias - Thu, 29 Oct 15 14:13:12 +0100


Candidates for Board of Directors

Candidates are asked to write down their name here. Sign with four ~ symbols. Candidacy is subject to the rules and regulations.

amnesiac84 - I've been a member of the last board (2014-2015). I enjoyed working with the other board members, as I think we understood each other and mostly came with some consensus. There are still many things I'd like to improve in BeWelcome and BeVolunteer and I think I have best chances to do so within the Board. I would like to focus on the volunteers, on the workflow(s), communication between the teams and the amount of autonomy within teams/BoD/BeVolunteer. I have been the Secretary in my last term. Although I could take that role again, I really hope we'll find more than 3 people to run the BoD and have a role where I could focus more on the themes I previously noted. I think I would make a great candidate for that role as I'm already in contact with many volunteers and teams. - Sun, 16 Aug 15 21:40:56 +0200

duesseldorf - Fri, 04 Sep 15 19:10:55 +0200 When I look back on this year where I am member of the current board 2014/2015 I am positively surprised. I put up my candidature with the goal of doing this job for one year. Working with the other Board Members was way more fun that I expected and it motivated me to put up my candidature again. I have the impression that the current BoD managed to handle the backlog of tasks quite well and the new BoD will be able go for the topics that concern our future: develop a vision, improve the structure, develop a way to continuously enhance and ensure the volunteer base, maybe organize a nice BeWelcome camp ... I have been the Exec ("CEO") - not because it means any power but because somebody had to be officially responsible. Being the "face" of BeWelcome fits also with my activity in the media and communication group as I am answering many media requests. I would be okay to continue with this. I am not good with numbers so I will definitely not be a good treasurer ;)

girandoliere-Tue,06 Oct 14 19:01:00 +0200

  • "volunteering background:" CS 2010-2012; BeWelcome from Sept 2012 first in unstructured way then( November 2013) in structured way for New Member BeWelcome Team and for Support Member Team( December 2014). Actually i'm one of the admins for NMBW Team and volunteer for Support member.BV member from autumn 2014
  • "hospex experience:" I discovered hospex networks in 2009. Active on Cs 2009- summer 2012, BeWelcome from Sep 2012-now
  • "BoD position(s) you would be willing to take over and goals for these positions:" It's the first time that i (might) run for BoD. If i'll elect and the BoD will be a large BoD i will be fine for support other BoD members without taking any formal role; but if BoD is not so large as i hope (4-5 members) i'm motivated to care giver to Volunteer area: coordination between BoD and Team's goal; stable recruiting of new volunteers; cheching ideas and needs of the differents team as a bridge between both parts. For sure not Ceo and not Treasurer
  • "time you can commit for BoD issues:" 3/4 hours per week i guess
  • "goals for BeVolunteer/BeWelcome: a priority list might be:" a) working on volunteers workflow b) taking care of the needs and ideas of the Team c) Active and stable recruiting of new Volunteers

""NOTE"": if there will be 3 candidates more i might withdrawal.

leoalone - Thu, 05 Nov 15 00:55:16 +0100 I propose myself as one of the volunteer, I work in BV as syadmin and when have the chance and good mood trying to program new features, beside being one of the most active hosts and being part of the suggestion team. The reason I want to partecipate in the BoD is to open it to new people, people that have either a technical rather than humanistic background, and to allow to share the jobs among more people. as a "program" I have the opening of BoD to all volunteer and the realization of new services, giving more power to the user to decide the informations they want to share and to have new features to allow people to better interaction.

sammiekong - Thu, 05 Nov 15 18:35:28 +0100 Signing up to BW with high expectation usually causes to unfulfilling, and might end up creating some dormant profiles. Best way to avoid this is to improve the BW platform. And this needs people to work. I'm happy to be part of this, to help, to see, and to involve in BW's growing. That's why I try to contribute all I can do for the community and to feel proud of every small achievements BW gains. While BoD is lack of candidates, running for BoD is a way of contribution. So i want to offer my services to BoD.

A mentor reminded me that to do a proper job on BoD would require a lot of time and energy, discussions may be long, involved and should cover policy-setting rather than just implementation, and the results of the discussions/implementations can potentially mean a lot to BW -- and I believe these are very true.

As I'm volunteering in Translation, Moderating and Spam checking already which I found very meaningful also and don't want to quit, I can offer myself for some non-legal position (less accountable?). I can help with the convenience of my current dedicating already e.g. translating and safety. So position such as team coordinator, volunteer recruitment coordinator, communication coordinator sounds good to me.

wind - Sun, 08 Nov 15 13:58:54 +0100: After long thinking I came to the conclusion, that I will run again for the BoD. I had some doubts, but online discussions and also the GA were really positive. This is only a good start, but I hope we continue this way. More communication between BV and BoD, more communication between teams and BoD and more communication between teams. Better and clearer structures. So I hope by taking over the treasurer for 1 more year I create capacaties for other BoD members to bring Bewelcome forward. Especially volunteer coordinator and dev coordinator should have time to focus on these topics and not have too many obligations with legal tasks.

Right now we have 6 candidates, so a 6 person BoD would be very good in my opinion, so we could really share the tasks in a good way. 3 persons for the legal roles, one dev coordinator, one volunteer coordinator and 1 person for recruitment of new volunteers or for communication. Also a vice treasurer or a vice secretary would be good.

Important information about voting

Every year there is the opportunity to vote on several subjects. Polls will be organised with the poll tool connected to a group created only for the GA. Active BV members will receive an invitation to this group. Only members of this group are able to vote.

Events accompanying the GA

Please join the activities to make it easier to organize.

For those who are already in Dusseldorf on friday nov 6th, there will be dinner together: http://www.bewelcome.org/activities/1463

Saturday night we will attack the "longest bar in the world" and do a pub crawl and discover the traditional pubs in the old town. http://www.bewelcome.org/activities/1444

The plan is to finish with the GA sunday early afternoon. If we manage to do this "duesseldorf" offers a guided tour to the architecture of the media harbour where we find a huge assembly of modern buildings by star architects like Frank Gehry, David Chipperfield and Will Alsop. http://www.bewelcome.org/activities/1446

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