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General Assembly 2014

Location and Date

The General Assembly 2014 will take place in Grimbergen, Belgium on November 8th-9th. All times are CET

  • Part One: Online: 31st October - 6th November 2014
  • Part Two: Real-life Meeting and Online: 8th-9th November 2014


Part 1 : Online preparations and discussions


Part 2: Real-life Meeting

From Saturday November 8th till Sunday November 9th we will meet in Grimbergen, Belgium.

For detailed information about accommodation options and how to get to Grimbergen, please visit the GA in Grimbergen - Information wiki page.

How to follow online

Follow the IRC chat:http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=bevolunteer - Please use your BeWelcome username as nickname.


This is the final Agenda. The suggestions have been moved to Suggestions for the agenda - General Assembly 2014

Saturday 8th November 2014

10:00 http://www.bevolunteer.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/BV-Annual-Report-2013-14.pdf|Annual Report]

11:00 Financial Report

11:30 Be Active

  • 12:00 lunch break-

13:00 Volunteering - recruiting, managing, motivating them

  • recruiting: point of access
  • managing: team structure - team coordinators , mentoring, cooperation of teams
  • motivating

14:30 Suggestion Tool

  • 15:30 break-

16:00 API - Do we need one, what should it include?

17:00 Discuss whether we should apply for "Google for Non-Profits" - http://www.google.com/nonprofits/join/ which could provide free AdWords advertising and access to donations - https://onetoday.google.com/home/nonprofits

18:00 end

Sunday 9th November 2014

10:00 presentation of the budget

11:00 Skimming features of the BeWelcome website to make code more manageable for a mobile version and other ideas to attract devs

  • 12:00 lunch break-

13:00 Discuss the article 6.2 of the statutes "the Board of Directors can reject the membership without having to justify their decision" changing to "The BoD in case of membership rejection must justify the decision only to applicant, who then can decide to have it published or not"

14:00 Questions for the BoD candidates

15:30 end of the GA


Please put your name in the appropriate category by typing 4 '~'

I will attend the GA in person

(You don't need to be a member of BeVolunteer to attend)

claudiaab - Sat, 27 Sep 14 01:02:55 +0200

s_d_p - Fri, 10 Oct 14 20:05:03 +0200

polyglot - Mon, 13 Oct 14 07:08:00 +0200

duesseldorf - Mon, 13 Oct 14 09:55:25 +0200

beatnick (volunteer, but not a BV member) in Belgium from 6/11 till 13/11


I will not attend the GA in person, but will be online

wind - Tue, 30 Sep 14 23:31:53 +0200

leoalone - Mon, 13 Oct 14 11:54:18 +0200

subaculture - Mon, 13 Oct 14 18:00:00

Railslide - Mon, 13 Oct 14 22:01:26 +0200

crumbking - Wed, 15 Oct 14 16:14:26 +0200





libertedeparole - Fri, 07 Nov 14 16:55:23 +0100 I have limited Internet access, and am travelling in a distant time-zone, so not too sure how much I can stay online.

arved - Sat, 08 Nov 14 23:22:37 +0100 at least for some time

I will not join online, but I want to vote (only for active members)

pablobd - Mon, 13 Oct 14 03:53:58 +0200

matthias - Wed, 15 Oct 14 21:34:13 +0200

shevek - Sun, 19 Oct 14 20:15:41 +0200


Candidates for Board of Directors

Candidates are asked to write down their name here. Sign with four ~ symbols. Candidacy is subject to the rules and regulations.

wind - Thu, 02 Oct 14 20:15:53 +0200: I run again for the BoD. First I want to guarantee continuity in the BoD, I know how the processes work or whom to ask. The idea of hospitality and the project Bewelcome (that is run by a non-profit organisation) go together very well. Even if decision making process is sometimes hard, it's always worth to support Bewelcome. One of the main goals for the next year is to get more volunteers. I think a 3 person BoD is too small. In case all BoD members are short of time, there is not enough input and initiative. In case one BoD member has to step back, this can easily happen for example out of personal reasons, re-elections would be necessary. So I would heavily recommend a BoD out of 4 persons. In case there will be only 2 more candidates I might withdraw my candidacy.

yepkio - Mon, 03 Nov 14 15:04:23: Yepkio candidates.

duesseldorf - Wed, 05 Nov 14 18:04:18 +0100: I have always been closely related to the development of BeWelcome. It was just by lack of time that I am not an official founding member. As having written a book about hospex networks I highly value my neutrality and never wanted to take over any official role in the BoD. I have always preferred to do background tasks, am member of the Safety Team from the beginning on, answer to media questions, give interviews to promote BeWelcome. I value highly that BeWelcome is the only true non-profit hospex network and am sure that something would be missing in the whole hospex system if BeWelcome ceased to exist. Only a few days to go until the real life GA will take place and only one person seems to stand up and willing to take over the BoD responsability. Before BV/BW will end up in yet another eGA within a year I hereby present my candidacy. I will do my best to make BW survive. Without more volunteers we will not succeed on long term so this will also be one of my goals. I don't know anything about programming and tech-stuff but feel incredibly grateful to every IT guy/gal who adds his/her knowledge to improve BeWelcome.

leoalone - Sat, 08 Nov 14 18:17:07 +0100 : I run for the first time, although I have a vast experience with hospex and also in IT. In BW i have been part of Suggestion Team, Bug Testing team and since this spring part of TechAdmin team. My idea is to make BV more user driven and attentive to the evlution, not to chase others but to trace a better road.

[[User:arved|arved]] - Sat, 08 Nov 14 23:22:37 +0100: Though i am notoriously busy and still a new member of BV, i believe that an operable BeVolunteer BoD is an absolute necessity for BW so i will throw my hat into the ring after beeing prodded multiple times. I have been into hospexp since 2008. On BW i did a bit of Translating, Group Moderation, Lurking on the devlist. I am tech-savvy (but PHP-ignorant). I would be more than happy if there were more and better candidates, so please consider standing up yourself. Don't ask me about my vision of BV/BW/BoD, but one thing i believe is that we need to cut down the [http://www.bikeshed.com bikeshed]-discussion in this project to avoid burnout of volunteers.

withdraw, 6 good candidates should be enough. arved - Sun, 09 Nov 14 16:22:04 +0100

OctoberTales - Sun, 09 Nov 14 09:04:48 +0100OctoberTales : I've been thinking of running for the BoD, as I still want to get involved into developing BW... my main (and well... actually only) concern, is time. I do have two big personal projects going on at the moment, and they are taking me quite a lot of time. And I'm also planning to be back on the road in may or june next year, with long period far far far away from anything looking like an internet connection... not expecting disconnection longer than one month, but that's already quite a bit I guess... I don't have any specific vision, except maybe one: keep BW simple. I don't think it makes sense to have tons of suggestions, and to try to develops tons of super options, when we're lacking volunteers (even for the BoD...). Of course it's nice to have a better website, but it's also nice to go back to simplicity. Right now at this specific time, BW is working fine for me. Doesn't mean there's nothing to change (think I heard someone saying "please update the design" or something like that ;) ), but that's more "nice to have" options. I've been traveling using BW with no problem. I had people hosting me (outside of Europe ;) ), I was able to use it on a small small small screen, I was able to use it on a bad bad bad internet connexion... I guess it's more important at the moment to give members the motivation to get involved than to put even more pressure on people already involved. That would be my first run for the BoD. Maybe living in France at the moment could be a good thing on an administrative point of view (or maybe not, I have no idea), but as I said, that will be only until may or june anyway. And of course, to avoid conflict of interests, I'll resign from the moderation team (where they haven't really see me for the last 4 months anyway, as I was traveling) for as long as I'll be in the BoD.

amnesiac84 - Sun, 09 Nov 14 12:27:19 +0100 I would candidate for a more additional role within the BoD. My interest would be to take care of the volunteering part of BeVolunteer and BeWelcome, analyse the situation, make improvements, create overview, etc. I don't know if such a role is available or even appropriate, but it would be my motivation to join the BoD.

Important information about voting

Every year there is the opportunity to vote on several subjects. Polls will be done with the poll tool connected to a group created only for the GA. Active BV members will receive an invitation to this group. Only members of this group are able to vote.

Events accompanying the GA

Click on the links below to sign up:

1. BW Saturday Evening Meeting

2. Discover Grimbergen Quiz

3. Weekly CS/BW bar event: Monday @ Kafka

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