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General Assembly 2013

Location and Date

All times are CET

  • Part Two: Real-life meeting and online: 2 & 3 November 2013. This will be held in F�rth, Germany.


Part 1 : Online preparations and discussions

From Saturday 19 October till Thursday 31 October 2013

Will be held on the forum, with the result of the discussions summarized on wiki pages.

Part 2: Real-life Meeting in F�rth

From Saturday 2 November till Sunday 3 November we will meet in F�rth.

For detailed information about accommodation options and how to get to F�rth, Germany, please visit the "GA in F�rth - Information" wiki page.

How to follow online



Topic 1: Our new Terms of Use: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1683/forum/s9159

Topic 2: Our Privacy Policy: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1683/forum/s9162

Topic 3: Hiding inactive members: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1683/forum/s9215

Topic 4: BeWelcome growth: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1683/forum/s9239

Topic 5: Decision Making Process: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1683/forum/s9252

Topic 6: Budget 2013-2013: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1683/forum/s9297

Topic 7: Financial Report 2012-2013: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1683/forum/s9329

Topic 8: Annual Report 2012-2013: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1683/forum/s9340


This is the final agenda.

Saturday 2 November 2013

  • 12h00 Break for lunch
  • 13h00 Be Ready for Higher Numbers
  • 14h00 Discussion about the Terms of Use (ToU)
  • 16h15 Organizing a 3-month long BW working event
  • Note: Discussion about the Privacy Policy has been postponed
  • 17h10 Expanding Emergency fund + Increase Be Active campaign
  • 18h00 End of Day One

Sunday 3 November 2013

  • 12h00 Securing a better & bigger volunteer base
  • 13h00 Changes to Statutes
  • 14h00 Budget 2013-2014 + need for Extraordinary GA
  • 15h00 Focus on WeLen/Mobile site for one year
  • 15h30 Questions for BoD candidates
  • 16h00 End of the GA

Suggestions for the agenda

moved to GA 2013 agenda suggestions


I will attend the GA in F�rth in person

(You don't need to be a member of BeVolunteer to attend)

I will maybe attend the GA in F�rth in person

I will not attend the GA in F�rth in person, but will be online

Active Members who have indicated they want to vote

Only members of the Group Bevolunteer GA 2013 http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1683 are eligible to vote.

Candidates for Board of Directors

Candidates are asked to write down their name here until Sunday, 27.10.2013, 23:59 CET Sign with four ~ symbols. Candidacy is subject to the rules and regulations.

  • pablobd - Thu, 19 Sep 13 15:25:18 +0200 I'm running for a third time for the BoD. As a volunteer I'm currently translators coordinator, admin of the rox platform and member of support team for spanish language. I' ve been working in the BoD for two terms as secretary. My view is to make bewelcome more sustainable and less eurocentrist.
  • chmac - Fri, 11 Oct 13 15:50:52 +0200 Long time BV member, previous BW sysadmin, happy to get more involved now that I'm travelling less. I'm looking forward to Welen coming online, a usable API, and the potential for mobile apps.
  • planetcruiser - Mon, 14 Oct 13 01:09:43 +0200 BeVolunteer member since foundation, active developer and infrastructure provider since 2011 and passionate volunteer for various NGOs since I can think. ;) Apart from obvious focus on the next generation BeWelcome software Welen and better mobile support on all ends, I would like to see more tools for eager local volunteers around the world emerge - some of these volunteers I met personally in Asia and I made some promises, hehe.
  • guaka - Thu, 17 Oct 13 21:47:25 +0200 BV member since March 2013. Been active in BW since 2007, on BW wiki, rox, organizing events such as hackathons. UPDATE: BW is missing a vision. We need one. Everything else can come from there. (I see Welen, API and mobile as important next steps. I also want to get BW ready to scale. Currently BW is perceived as slow and bureaucratic. Still, membership has doubled in a year time (mainly through external factors) but we need to be ready for faster growth (which could be even faster and much more sudden because of more extreme external factors), both technically as well as organizationally. I think a growth emergency fund would be appropriate. I like the step taken with Be Active but it should be bolder, why stop with 0,5k? Why put a lot of rules in place that will stop people from using it in the way that it's intended? I also have some personal interests such as Bitcoin (as a way to receive donations) and trust metrics. I mainly want to move BV/BW from bureaucracy towards adhocracy / do-ocracy all while keeping a strong focus on transparency, free software and guaranteeing the non-profit charity status.
  • sitatara - Mon, 21 Oct 13 12:25:11 +0200: I have been a BW member for over 2 years and an active volunteer and BV member for about a year. I am currently active as a volunteer in the following teams: Support (coordination), Suggestions (coordination), Safety, Member Administration, Communications, Translations (German), Development (Rox), Testing. My main aim is to improve communications. I would like to create a Communications Team (currently only a loose group without any defined tasks and very little participation) and actively search for volunteers for that team. In my opinion there is great need for more professional and modern communication on the website (website texts), in newsletters, community news etc. and the way how BeWelcome presents itself.
  • claudiaab - Mon, 21 Oct 13 22:35:14 +0200 I have been a BW and BV member from the very beginning. I was on the BoD from 2006-2009. At the moment I am volunteering in the Safety Team, the Member Administration Team and the Support Team, of which I am also a coordinator. I am particularly concerned with the volunteering aspect: Enable BW members to volunteer, recruit and train new volunteers and keep a sustainable base of volunteers for various areas. We should also think about improving the communication between different volunteer teams as well as making it attractive to join BV after some time of volunteering.
  • wind - Fri, 25 Oct 13 22:55:07 +0200 I'm a Bewelcome member since 2007 and in that time I also proposed a cooperation with international student organisations. I was very much involved in the European Landscape Architecture Students Association (ELASA) and also took part 2 times in the Informal Forum of International Student Organisations (IFISO). Somehow the cooperation didn't work out back in 2007. I was part of the support team and answering the questions of the members gave me a good insight, about what Bewelcome members do worry about. Since September 2012 I'm part of BeVolunteer. I totally agree with the main objectives of Bewelcome, as there are transparency, being open-source, being democratic, being non-profit (and that forever) and trying to guarantee as much safety and data protection as possible for the members. But I'm not big fan of some kind of elite thing. I dream of a social network and a network for hospitality exchange, that is open for everyone, but completely non-profit. Of course we need some strategies against bad side effects, because in bigger networks, there are for example problems with spam and safety. As mentioned before I think the communication team is kind of neglected so far. Generally I think, all the volunteers do a great job. But i would re-install the ombudsperson for members. So in case, they have troubles with the safety, support, moderators or whatever team, they still get a 2nd chance or another place, where to make contact with.

Important information about voting

Every year there is the opportunity to vote on several subjects. Polls will be done with the poll toll connected to a group created only for the GA. Active BV members will receive an invitation to this group. Only members of this group are able to vote.

Events accompanying the GA

see GA in F�rth - Information

Important documents