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General Assembly 2012

Location and Date


Part 1 : Online preparations and discussions

From Monday 24 September till Sunday 30 September 2012

Will be held on the forum, with the result of the discussions summarized in wiki pages.

Part 2: Real-life Meeting in Halle (Saale), Germany

From Saturday 13 October till Sunday 14 October 2012 we will meet in Halle.

Please read the more detailed information for accommodation and how to get to Halle (Saale), Germany.

How to follow online


Saturday 13 October 2012

  • 12h00 Break for lunch
  • 13h00 Discussion about sponsoring (financially) local communities
  • 13h30
  • 14h00 Discussion about the Terms of Use (ToU)
  • 15h00 Discussion about the Privacy Policy
  • 16h00 Discussion about Code of Conduct & Conflict handling
  • 17h00 End of Day One

Sunday 14 October 2012

  • 12h00 Prioritizing technical/interface improvements
  • 12h30 Member base of BV
  • 13h00 Sustainable Hospitality Exchange Manifesto
  • 13h30 Groups/Forum/Guidelines
  • 14h15 Safety Team
  • 14h45 Tools for Active BV members
  • 15h30 Election of the BeVolunteer board

Sugestions for the agenda

Write your suggestions here

  • I would like to make our Privacy Policy more transparant and user-friendly. Maybe use http://tos-dr.info as a basis for discussion thorgal67 - Fri, 14 Sep 12 14:33:58 +0200
  • Our Terms of Use (ToU) are 5 years old and might need updating/reviewing. I would like to use the online part of the GA to prepare that. thorgal67 - Sun, 16 Sep 12 00:24:54 +0200
  • Volunteer Code of conduct / conflict handling matthias - Mon, 17 Sep 12 16:55:02 +0200
  • member base of BeVolunteer - I feel that BV is not representing the volunteer base of BW so well anymore, in spirit yes, but BW volunteers don't join BV so much. I would like to discuss why this is the case and whether and how we could improve this. claudiaab - Tue, 18 Sep 12 10:24:11 +0200
  • proposal about having an reserve/emergency fund. Consist in having a reserve fund that equals one year of expenses around 1200 EUR. This was discussed by BoD and agreed to propose to the GA. (BoD Meeting 20.03.2012)
  • proposal about funding local communities with BV surplus, i.e.: grassroots marketing. (This was discussed by BoD and agreed to propose to the GA. BoD Meeting 16.02.2012)
  • proposal for BOD to make and communicate final decision on Servas connection (or communication in GA minutes as to any decision already made).
  • Proposal for BOD to prioritize certain technical/interface improvements (i.e. to enable members to create BW events).
  • Proposal to BOD to create a 'Sustainable Hospitality Exchange Manifesto' (i.e. http://goo.gl/RoNBS )
  • A working channel for the active members of BV where all the non-strictly BoD talk could happen.
  • Proposal to BV to maintain groups better and to fix clear guidelines
  • Is the Bewelcome verification enough to guarantee saftey? what happens in case of a conflict between BW members? will the responsible team work fast enough in case of emergency? any guidelines, how to handle conflicts?


Please put your name in the appropriate category by typing 4 '~'

I will attend the GA in Halle/Saale in person

(You don't need to be a member of BeVolunteer to attend)

thorgal67 - Tue, 04 Sep 12 22:53:15 +0200

pablobd - Tue, 04 Sep 12 23:17:34 +0200

crumbking - Thu, 06 Sep 12 15:51:21 +0200

duesseldorf - Fri, 14 Sep 12 14:04:44 +0200

wind - Sun, 23 Sep 12 16:24:54 +0200

sitarane - Sat, 06 Oct 12 11:46:20 +0200

James_Oder_Dave - Fri, 12 Oct 12 16:04:20 +0200

I will not attend the GA in Halle/Saale in person, but will be online

matthias - Thu, 06 Sep 12 16:04:22 +0200

claudiaab - Thu, 06 Sep 12 22:55:28 +0200

̣mahouni200000 - Fri, 14 Sep 12 19:22:03 +0200

jeanyves - Thu, 04 Oct 12 08:34:17 +0200

I will not join online, but I want to vote (only for active members)

jilrev - Mon, 24 Sep 12 22:20:15 +0200

abyssin - Tue, 25 Sep 12 23:48:15 +0200

Candidates for Board of Directors

Candidates are asked to write down their name here until Sunday, 07.10.2012, 23:59 CET Sign with four ~ symbols. Candidacy is subject to the rules and regulations.

pablobd - Thu, 27 Sep 12 04:04:33 +0200

I am running for a second time for BoD, being the present the first time as secretary. This first year experience in the BoD was good to learn and get to know how BV works and how things get done. Hopefully next year will be a step forward in this direction. I'm currently translators coordinator, member of support team for spanish language and also helping in any team that I feel I can give a hand.

thorgal67 - Thu, 27 Sep 12 22:38:05 +0200

I am member of the Translation Team, moderating on the forum and aiding the Safety Team. I have been a member of the BoD on 3 previous occassions (2007, 2008 and 2011) and if elected it will probably be my last time.

After several years of little movement in BeVolunteer, I believe that we have come to a crossroads. Over the last week we have accepted more new BV members than in the last 2 years together, and I am confident many more will apply. Together with these new members I would like to make a clearer distinction between the legal organisation of BeVolunteer and the BeWelcome community. Giving BW members more power to deal with the website/community so that BV can concentratre on its core tasks: making sure that BW remains an open source, non-profit, volunteer-based network.

I will also use the 2012-2013 period to encourage more BW volunteers to make the step to BV membership, and aid those who want to run for the BoD.

If elected I will campaign for inviting volunteers regularly to our BoD meetings.

crumbking - Fri, 28 Sep 12 16:43:10 +0200

I'm a member of BeWelcome since 5 years. I joined BeVolunteer in the beginning as it was important for me to follow up the direction of the NPO. I'm a member of the development team and team coordinator of the design/ testing team.

If elected I would like to motivate more people to join BeVolunteer, too. Also the creation of an emergency fund should be discussed to be prepared for the future. I would like to support people organizing local camps and meetings and the move to a new software framework.

jilrev - Sun, 30 Sep 12 13:21:16 +0200

I am the BV treasurer and candidate to the BoD for the fourth time. I will work with the next team to open all discutions to BV members and to co-opt new people. We need new blood, new ideas, new actions in BV, so I am expecting that new BoD will be able to attract new active BV members who will develop BeWelcome. If elected, it will be my last candidacy for the reasons above.

Important information about voting

Every year there is the opportunity to vote on several subjects. Polls will be done with the poll toll connected to a group created only for the GA. Active BV members will receive an invitation to this group. Only members of this group are able to vote.

This year voting will happen in two waves:

  • During the online part there will already be 3 polls opened:
    • Approval of the Financial Report 2011-2012
    • Approval of the Annual Report 2011-2012
    • Election of the new BoD

For these 3 polls no delegation can be given, since there should be enough time for all active BV members to vote

  • During the Real-life meeting we might also start other polls

For these new polls it will be possible to delegate your vote to somebody who will be present at the GA.

The procedure for delegating will be like this: Let's assume "matthias" can not be present and would like to delegate his vote to "sitarane".

  • "matthias" will write down his name and say that he will delegate his voice in the "Sorry, can't make it" part of this wiki page.
  • He contacts sitarane and writes an email to bodatbevolunteer.org saying he will delegate his vote to sitarane
  • The BoD will create an temporary account named "sitarane-delegate"
  • The BoD will put the account "sitarane-delegate" into the GA 2011 group.
  • The BoD will communicate the password for this account to "sitarane".
  • "sitarane" can now log in with "sitarane-delegate" and vote with the voice "matthias" delegated to him.
  • After the GA the account "sitarane-delegate" will be deleted

Events accompanying the GA

Please read the more detailed information about GA events in Halle (Saale), Germany.

Important documents