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Financial Statement 2009-2010


Our income for 2009-2010 was through donations.

Description Amount
Donations EUR 1.506,03
Loan to BV EUR 516,67
Total EUR 2.022,70
Donations per month (average) EUR 125,50


The majority of the cost of running BeWelcome/BeVolunteer consists of the rental of our server equipment. The minor costs are domain name renewal, banking costs and administrative fees. Money given to BeVolunteer by Pierre-Charles at the very beginning has been given back.

Description Amount
Server equipment EUR 1.015,19
Domain names EUR 5,99
Banking fees EUR 124,90
Reimbursement P-Ch EUR 516,67
Total EUR 1.662,75


BeVolunteer has a net gain of EUR 359,95 for 2009-2010.

Description Amount
Previous bank balance EUR 183,95
Current bank balance EUR 543,90
Current PayPal balance* EUR 37,89
Total accounts (bank+paypal) EUR 581,79
Total balance (total accounts - BV loan of EUR 516,67 EUR 65,12


The PayPal transfer fees have already been deducted from this amount.