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Financial Statement 2008-2009


Our income for 2008-2009 was mainly through donations. There was a small reimbursement from the hosting company.

Description Amount
Direct donations via bank transfer EUR 335,00
Donations through PayPal EUR 1154,00
Reimbursement hosting EUR 13,85
Total EUR 1502,95
Per month (average) EUR 124


The majority of the cost of running BeWelcome/BeVolunteer consists of the rental of our two servers "GOAT" and "MULE". One is our BeWelcome production server, the other one holds the development tools and bevolunteer.org. The minor costs are domain name renewal, banking costs and PayPal fees.

Description Amount
Servers EUR 1.393,64
Domain names EUR 15,52
Banking fees EUR 106,40
PayPal fees EUR 46,24
Total EUR 1.561,80


BeVolunteer has a net loss of <span style="font-weight:bold; color:red">58,85 EUR</span> for 2008-2009. We keep a positive balance on our accounts because of the previous years.

Description Amount
Total transferred from PayPal to bank EUR 800,00
Current bank balance EUR 198,95
Current PayPal balance* EUR 130,61
Total balance EUR 329,56


The PayPal transfer fees have already been deducted from this amount.

Keep in mind that we also have an outstanding loan of 540 EUR (left over from the first year) that still needs to be reimbursed.