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Financial Statement 2007-2008

In the period from 20 April 2007 to 5 May 2008 we spent EUR 1174,26 (mainly server expenses) and had earnings of EUR 1688,77 ( mainly through donation). This results in a gain of the new financial year of EUR 514,51, which will be used for next year expenses.


The initial capital necessary to pay for the expenses (see above) was lent to BeVolunteer by its founding members. They will be reimbursed as soon as possible, it has not yet been reimbursed during the last period.

In order to prevent the need to borrow more money we still keep our costs as low as possible.


The financial strategy of the ongoing year is still to increase the income through developing forms of incomes and to obtain the administrative requirements to receive tax deductible donations. Furthermore fund-raising (private donations from members and supporters) will be encouraged. Direct advertissment will not be used on the pages of the BeWelcome Website, alternative adverstissment will be considerated (T-Shirt, Amazon ../)