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The Finances team is in charge of managing BeVolunteer's finances and dealing with everything related to this. It is headed by the Treasurer of the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer is in charge of the management of the patrimony of the association. He makes any payments and receives any revenue under the supervision of the Executive delegate, keeps a regular account of all transactions and reports to the board of directors (BoD) which verifies the management of the finances. In case of absence, the Treasurer is replaced by a member of the BoD.


The Treasurer acts as consultant for accounting and financial communication. Delegates can be appointed whenever necessary and are used to gain specific or professional advice from experts.

Guidelines for the Treasurer

Past Accounts


Comparison of budget and financial statement


Current sources


For more information, please have a look on our donation page.

Ideas for other sources


Financial help without return (means that we receive money or goods without having to return any kind of service). Risk: those patrons sometimes want to contribute to decisions / discussions.


Means constant appeal for donations from members and individual persons mainly. But also available grants from institutions and the government (or EU) need to be applied for (a lot of paperwork).

Advertisement on our website www.bewelcome.org

Was our main source of income. We have considered not to have automated targeted ads from Google and Minerva, because many of the ads were inappropriate, and because of privacy concerns


Income through products and services, merchandising (see Affiliations)


This section should be reviewed by the Treasurer!

The idea is to give a rough idea of the running expenses, and the general way that BeWelcome is financed (not all of this is listed in the official budget). Exact and "official" numbers can be found in the yearly budget reports.

All numbers are per month, even for those things that are usually paid per year.

Server costs

BeWelcome currently pays 71,80 EUR each month for server rent.

Server history:

  • FOX (12.90 EUR a month, since 28-09-2014)
  • LION (58.90 EUR a month, since 06-05-2014)
  • PUMA (49.00 EUR a month, since June 2012 until 22-10-2014)
  • PONY (12.90 EUR a month, since December 2013 until 11-05-2014)
  • DEER (58.60 EUR a month, since September 2009); not in use any more,exact expiration date?
  • MULE (23.91 EUR a month, until January 2010)
  • BULL (82.52 EUR a month, 2008 - September 2009)

For technical details see: http://trac.bewelcome.org/wiki/ServerSetup

Domain costs

We have the following domains registered:

  • bewelcome.org (until 24th of November 2021)
  • bewelcome.com (until ?)
  • bevolunteer.org (until January 2016)

The total cost for one domain is around 15 EUR a year.

Trade mark registration

Trade mark registration for INPI was made on 15-01-2013, but for how long?


The legal insurance is paid until 24-01-2016.

Bank fees

As an international organization (please correct if this is wrong), BeWelcome is required to have an international bank account. These are typically more expensive than usual bank accounts. In our case it is around 15,00 EUR a month (including fees for PayPal as well).

We are happy for any suggestions for a cheaper solution.