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Extraordinary General Assembly 1 2014


Clearing the table for a prosperous future of BeVolunteer

How are we doing this?


pre-eGA: forum: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1815 14.-21.02.2014

eGA Saturday chat: 22.02.2014

post-eGA till Monday: polls till 24.02.2014 24:00 CET

1. Evaluation

1.1. Starting Positions

(10:00-10:25 CET)

  • Agreement on meeting leaders and conduct of BV business in case of confliction (5min)


  • Risk assessment of the possible outcome of the extraordinary General Assembly (10 min)


  • Statement of the BV members who called for the extraordinary General Assembly --> forum (5min for direct questions, the evaluation will take place in the next point!)
  • Statement of the BoD --> forum (5 min - direct questions)

all statements need to be posted in the forum asap http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1815/forum/s10605?sidTB=EOlszL8-M5124Z9pDkGait72E3a so that every participant has the chance to have most information at hand before the chat session

1.2. Evaluation of the events leading to the call for the extraordinary General Assembly

(10:30-11:30) http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1815/forum/s10665-1_2__Evaluation_of_the_events_leading_to_the_call_for_the_extraordinary_General_Assembly

  • Role of individual BoD members and involved volunteers
  • Role of the BoD with respect to its task to facilitate and protect the work of the volunteers and bringing the organization


  • confidentiality/privacy issue: publishing (to a limited circle) private BoD conversations and private mails to make one's point
  • Evaluation of the reactions and problem solving after the call for the extraordinary General Assembly

1.3. Votes of no confidence

(11:40-12:00) http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1815/forum/s10614-1_3__Votes_of_no_confidence

  • Suspension of the BoD ?

''Note that the BoD will not take care of the wording / setting of such polls. It is important to take care that each poll ideally consists of a yes / no question in order to get clear results. If the result of a poll is that we need a new BoD, the elections can only take place in a second eGA (earliest date 11th March)''

2. Organization of Work and BoD

2.1. Expectations of BoD members



  • Discuss and outline more clearly what is expected of BoD members.
  • What kind of time commitment is expected?


  • What to do in case of an interpersonal conflict?
  • Finding a solution to solve the "if I don't get X, I will quit" problem - and the opposite "if Y happens, I will quit"?
      • lunch break ---

2.2. Expectations of BV members



  • How to get more done with less discussion?
  • How to avoid discussion fatigue?
  • Will we have another eGA in 3 months?
  • Do we tolerate hate speech? Are there consequences?

2.3. Communication



  • Forum moderation in BV groups
  • We presumably all have the same goal, how can we make sure that communication stays friendly and effective?
  • Spend more time on writing less?

2.4. Improving the way we elect the BoD



  • Have BoD candidates indicate which functions they aspire, how much time they expect to spend on BV/BW, etc.

3. Statutes and rules and regulations

3.1. Legal question: can BeWelcome be sold


We will continue with this discussion in the normal BV member group: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/94/forum/s10535-Legal_Question__Can_BeVolunteer_sell_BeWelcome_

3.2. BoD procedures

3.2.1. BoD meetings public when possible


  • Public if it can be public, BV if it can be BV, private BoD discussion only as a last resort (public means that a wider circle of people can read, not that everyone can participate in discussions)

3.2.2. Improving work flow of BoD between official meetings



see: http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/BoD_Meeting_10.12.2013#line112 Integration in the rules and regulations (with percentage rather than absolute numbers)

      • break---

3.3. Ensuring continuity in running BeVolunteer



  • extending the Term of office of BoD to more than just one year
  • For more organizational continuity: set up an advisory board, for longer than one year
  • appointment of consultative members, members of the association and/or third parties see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advisory_board
  • strengthening BV; BV is probably the best and most democratic advisory board we could have. Main problem: information only supposed to be viewed by a limited number of people (for personal, legal or financial reasons).
  • CFO: treasurer CEO:chairman? We could have a CTO who is not necessarily part of the BoD, so could be appointed by the BoD in a more flexible way.

4. Volunteering and other topics



  • Volunteer burnout: Create some guidelines, how to avoid? How to avoid the burnout from spreading?
  • How to attract and keep technically skilled people in BV and the BoD?
  • Define and separate roles? BW volunteering / BV membership / BoD


  • Co-operations with other non-profit and volunteer based organisations,e.g. international student organisations, -

forum only:

  • Privacy and transparency - a survey among BeVolunteer members (forum only)

Important documents