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Hi folks and visitors of Dresden,

there's a decent Dresden Group in BeWelcome. There you can find discussions, announcements for general events in and around Dresden and maybe also for special BeWelcome sit-ins ;)

Check it out and join it if you feel like!

Information about Dresden

Please read more about Dresden on Wikivoyage (travel guide), on Wikipedia (general info) and on dresden.de (official website of the city)

Looking for events to visit with your fellow guests?

banq.de - Subkultur in Dresden

http://zope6.free.de/terminal/kalender.html - noch mehr Subkultur in Dresden

Getting around

hitchwiki - Where to stand, what to do

dvb.de - Public transport in Dresden


In Dresden, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate all year round, here is just a small selection as recommondation for our BeWelcome guests! ;-)

  • BRN (Bunte Republik Neustadt)
    • When? 2nd weekend in June, no entrce fee
    • Where? Street festival in the Outer Neustadt district
    • What? Young, colorful and loud (Impressions of BRN 2012: Video 1, Video 2)
  • Hechtfest
    • When? one weekend in end of August, no entrce fee
    • Where? Street festival in the "Hecht" district
    • What? The BRN as it used to be as it was still unknown (less crowded and less commercial)

For more festivals, see the wikivoyage page of Dresden.