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How to submit a comment

To post a comment, go to the profile of the member you have met. On the left side of the profile page you will find a link Add Comment. In order to make this system effective and trustworthy, please provide accurate and reliable information about people you have met in real life only. Thanks for using this feature and making BeWelcome even safer!

Editing a comment

You can edit comments if for example you met somebody at a party first, but are their guest a couple of months later. BeWelcome do, however, keep the history of comments, so older versions of the comments can still be visible.

Negative comments

Negative comments cannot be changed. This is a matter of security in order to prevent recipients of negative comments from putting pressure on the sender to get a comment changed. If you have a good reason for a negative comment to be changed or deleted you can contact the support team.

We plan to have a 'reply' function for comments where you can reply to a negative comment you have received and consider unfair. The comment volunteers cannot always find out who is right of course, so having both point of views on your profile (the comment you received from a member and your answer to it) is really the best and most fair solution.