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Buenos Aires

General information




Phone Calls


  • Yellow fever vaccinations with international certificate:
    Av. Ingeniero Huergo 690 Puerto Madero (Mon-Fri 10am-3pm)
    Tel: 4343-1190 / 4334-7387 / 4334-6028 / 4342-6974 / 4334-1875


  • Police:
    Tel: 101 / 911
  • Ambulance (SAME):
    Tel: 107
  • Comisar�a del Turista (To speak with police in English, Italian, French, Portuguese) :
    Av. Corrientes 436 San Nicolàs
    Tel: 4346 5748 / 0800 999 5000
  • Defensor�a del Turista (To report any discrimination, abuse, robbery etc):
    Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1835 La Boca (Daily 10am-6pm)
    Tel:4302 7816
  • Foreign embassies in Buenos Aires

Tourist Information Centres

  • Puerto Madero office:
    Moreau de Justo 200 (Daily 9.30am-7.30pm)
  • Retiro office:
    Florida & Marcelo T. de Alvear (Mon-Sat 9am-5pm)
  • San Nicol�s office:
    Florida 100 (Daily 8:30am-6:30pm)
  • Recoleta office:
    Quintana 596 (Daily 10am-5pm)


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Getting there & away

By air

Buenos Aires is served by two aiports, Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Ezeiza and Aeroparque Jorge Newbery in Palermo which has mostly domestic flights.

Coming from the Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Ezeiza:

  • Taxi: If you want to take a taxi or remis go to one of the official companies that have desks in the terminal buildings where you pay a set price upfront and are then assigned a driver. Ignore any drivers that may approach you and resist the temtpation to bargain with the drivers outside the terminal as ripoffs, scams and even robberies have been known to occur. Even if you don't use their service, the fares on the taxiezeiza site are a useful reference point to have a rough idea of what you will pay.
  • Private buses & shuttles: Manuel Tienda Leon runs bus services between Ezeiza and its centrally located depot in Retiro (from where transfers can be arranged within a limited radius for a small fee) and on to the domestic airport. Minibus Ezeiza has services every 30 minutes Mon-Fri 8am-6pm from downtown (Av. Paseo Colon & Belgrano) to Ezeiza. Hostel Shuttle runs 5 times daily to and from numerous Buenos Aires hostels.
  • Public transport: Bus number 8 runs into the city centre from the airport. The trip is generally safe but slow (it can take over two hours to run the entire route) you will need a Sube smart card (see Getting around) or $4.75 in coins to pay the fare. If you are heading to the airport make sure you check with the driver that its going to the airport as the 8 has four different branch routes.

Coming from Aeroparque Jorge Newbery in Palermo:

  • Taxi: There is a taxi rank outside of the building in addition to several remis companies inside the terminal.
  • Private bus: Manuel Tienda Leon runs bus services between Aeroparque, its centrally located depot in Retiro (from where transfers can be arranged within a limited radius for a small fee) and on to the international airport in Ezeiza. ArBus has services every 30 minutes to Puente Saavedra, Palermo, Belgrano, Retiro and Centro.
  • Public transport: Bus lines 33 37 45 160 all pass the airport on Avenida Costanera Rafael Obligado.

By road


  • Plataforma10 Network of long distance bus companies, routes can be searched, booked and paid for online or at dozens of locations throughout the city.


Hitchhiking out of Buenos Aires won't be as easy as many parts of the country but it is doable (usual precautions apply). Autostop Argentina has a useful forum (es) and hitchwiki has advice in English and Spanish.

By boat

Useful links

  • Xcolectivo One stop site for long distance buses, trains and flights. Also has info on transport within the city.

Getting around

Sube card






Useful Links

  • Interactive BA city map Can give directions for travelling by car, public transport, bicycle, or on foot. Also has a complete map of cycle paths in BA.
  • Viaja F�cil Searchable map providing suggestions on getting from A to B by bus, subway, or train.
  • Omnilineas Similar to Viaja F�cil, also shows routes of individual buses, subway and train lines.
  • BA rail and subway map


Hotels, B&B's, Hostels

Rental accomodation

http://apartmentsba.com/ https://listadodirecto.com/ http://buenosaires.en.craigslist.org/ http://www.compartodepto.com/ http://soloduenos.com/ http://badudi.com/

Food & Drink



Ice Cream

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What to do

Sightseeing & Places of interest

Day Trips

La Plata


San Isidro

San Antonio De Areco

Capilla del Se�or



Temaiken Biopark




The big tournaments that from the Triple Crown are the Abierto del Tortugas Country Club, the Abierto de Hurlingham, and the Campeonato Argentino de Polo in Palermo but there are many other fixtures and venues particularly to the north in and around Pilar. Check the venues, the Argentine Polo Association or Ticketek for fixtures and tickets.


This combination of polo and basketball is Argentina's national sport. There are games played in and around Buenos Aires. Check the Federaci�n Argentina de Pato y Horseball for fixtures.


Shopping centres

Markets and fairs

Specialty stores &neighbourhoods

  • Books and Music: Corrientes east of Callao has numerous bookstores and record shops (though they are dwindling). There are second hand book fairs in Plaza Primera Junta, Plaza Italia, Parque Centenario and, the largest, in Parque Rivadavia (books and music). For books in English try The Book Cellar, Walrus Books, and the chain Kel Editions. Finally, don't miss El Ateneo even if you're not much of a reader.
  • Maps can be found in many of the news stands on calle Florida (especially those within a block of Avenida Corrientes), in the Autom�vil Club Argentino and in Libros de Turismo bookshop.
  • Travel/expedition gear: There is a concentration of outdoor/fishing and expedition gear shops along Paran� south of Avenida C�rdoba.
  • Computer and electronics supplies: Galer�a Jard�n is an arcade with dozens of computer shops at Florida 537. Many electronics and computer shops can be found concentrated south of Avenida Corrientes for two blocks along Paran�, Uruguay and the streets connecting them.
  • Leather: The 600 block of Murillo in Villa Crespo specialises in leather clothing. Leather cut to size can be found along Avenida Boedo from Cochabamba to Pav�n.


Exhibitions & Live Performance





Finding work

http://www.bumeran.com.ar/empleos-en-buenos-aires.html http://buenosaires.en.craigslist.org/jjj/ http://www.zonajobs.com.ar/postulante/welcome.do


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