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Budget for 2010-2011

The following budget is proposed for the upcoming year. Please be aware that this might change, depending on the successful voting on Servas collaboration at the GA. For reference, check the 2009/10 financial report.

Description Outgoing Incoming
Server costs EUR 1.200,00 (this might fall away subject to vote on Servas collaboration)
Domain costs EUR 64,00
Reimbursement BV loan EUR 517,00
Banking fees* EUR 95,00
Administrative costs (i.e. changing statutes -depending on vote regarding paying developers) EUR 50,00
Donations** EUR 2.160,00 (subject to vote on Servas collaboration, less might be needed for BV servers, although technical integration might require paid workers - which is also subject to GA vote)
Total costs EUR 1.926,00
Net total EUR 234,00

*: I believe this could be significantly reduced by using a different bank.

**: Based on an average of EUR 180,00 in donations per month (up from 125,50 EUR previous year)