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Bod Meeting 30 01 2018

Meeting started 30.01.2018 at 20:00 and ended at 22:00

Next Meetings: 13.02.2018 and 27.03.2018

Participants : thorgal67, duesseldorf, Frauenschuh


Approval of report of previous BoD meeting http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/Bod_Meeting_16_01_2018

Has been approved

1. review of activities by BoD members:


  • created e-association account for BEVOLUNTEER at service-public.fr, uploaded new BoD members (in the former years we have done this by sending a paper letter to the Prefecture), new Statutes and GA Minutes
  • Community news about big donation


  • Some tests for the forum moderators, reading lot of threads in this group
  • Work on user life cycle documentation
  • Statutes Review Group communication - discussion about necessary changes in the Rules

thorgal67 :

  • treasurer duties: backups of transactions, donations thank-you, donation list update, insurance payments
  • spam checking
  • GA and eGA minutes

2. OTRS issues

  • Our Ticketing System OTRS was down for some days, hence there seems to be a need for a backup of the OTRS admins.

These will be contacted to discuss, how we can find more admims and familiarize them with the system.

  • There are many open tickets in the account queue, these will be tackled soon.

3. Donation campaign

  • 1700 Euro of 2000 Euro donation Goal reached within less than 1 month, also due to a generous donation of 1000 Euro (see community news)


  • Potential Work group members will be contacted ASAP.
  • We need a procedure to handle Delete profile requests (data of members to be deleted in time if requested by the member).
  • Are members with status retired deleted and when ?
  • These 2 points have to be discussed with the developers.
  • Check if all mandatory fields in the profile are needed.

5. Rules to be adapted to new statutes

  • The Statutes review group is now working on the rules
  • BoD thanks members of the statutes review group for their valuable and much needed work.

The BoD should follow best practices of protocols, but strict rules on how often the BoD has to meet and a standard form to document the Meetings might be counterproductive.

6. To Do

  • See points 2 and 4